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Reader Poll: Castor For Gov

Bruce-CastorLast week we asked readers who the Republicans should support for governor in 2014, Tom Corbett, Bruce Castor, or someone else.  Out of 854 votes, Castor came in first with 44% of the vote.  “Someone else” came in ahead of Governor Corbett by a narrow margin of 2% (29% and 27% respectively).

Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor received 373 votes.  By all accounts he  is serious about running for governor.  He recently launched the website with the tagline “leadership, not politics.”  The website also includes a platform, a 13-point plan to help Pennsylvania “reach its pinnacle.”  Castor has been very active on social media front as well, criticizing Governor Corbett’s handling of the lottery privatization bid, and talking about his falling polling numbers.

Governor Corbett received 237 votes and despite his poor performance in a recent poll from Public Policy Polling, he may get a boost in the polls this week with the passage of HB 790.  A modified version of Corbett’s plan to privatize liquor sales passed the House on Thursday; the Senate is expected to pick up the bill for debate in the next month or two.  This is already the furthest a liquor sales bill has made it through the Pa. legislature in 80 years, serious consideration of the bill in the Senate could really help the governor out.

“Someone else” secured 244 votes.  Who would you like to see run on the GOP ticket for governor?  Leave your reply in the comments.

Who should the Republicans support for governor?

  • Bruce Castor (44%)
  • someone else (29%)
  • Tom Corbett (28%)

Total Voters: 854

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4 Responses

  1. Castor never learns his lesson. Instead of concentrating on the job at hand this guy is always looking to grab the next one up the line. He is a career political opportunist in the mold of 99.9% of those responsible for the dire situation in this state/country today.

  2. I purposely voted for Corbett so he makes it to the general and I can vote against him.

    Republicans, please vote for Corbett so We can beat him in the general. He is your guy. You owe it to him.

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