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Reader Poll: Cawley Should Run in PA-8

jim-cawleyIt’s one of the most intriguing questions in PA politics right now; what should outgoing Lt. Governor Jim Cawley do next?

Well, according to our readers, the answer is quite simple.

547 respondents believe Cawley should run in the open PA-8 congressional district in 2016. Cawley is a Bucks County native and Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick has pledged to retire at the end of the next term, leaving the Lt. Governor with an opening.

On the other hand, 535 readers chose “none of the above”, although a few of these people might have been Democrats expressing their feelings about the GOP pol.

Just 145 recommended a semi-rematch against Tom Wolf in 2018 for the Governor’s Mansion.

Finally, only 129 readers think Cawley should take on Senator Bob Casey when he next comes up for re-election in 2018.

The full results are included below:

What do you think Jim Cawley should do?

  • Run for the 8th Congressional District in 2016 (40%)
  • None of the above (40%)
  • Run against Tom Wolf in the 2018 Gubernatorial Election (11%)
  • Run against Bob Casey in the 2018 Senate Contest (10%)

Total Voters: 1,356

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5 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear that Fitzpatrick is retiring. Any chance of talking him out of it?

    If not, Bucks and Montgomery Counties (PA-8) could do much worse than Jim Cawley.

    Cawley’s voting record might even prove to be more conservative than Fitzpatrick’s.

  2. Working Joe, Cawley is universally liked in Republican circles. You sound like a disgruntled knuckle-dragger who can’t even get his facts straight. You ignore that Cawley worked for a law firm in Philly for a long time before becoming Lt. Governor.

  3. Jim Cawley is a RINO and child of the establishment. He is arrogant and carries an imperial sense of entitlement wherever he goes. After sucking at the taxpayer teat his whole career, maybe it’s time for Cawley to try his hand at actually making a living.

  4. These results were predicted…

    …for he has demonstrated-talents articulating both GOP-principles and gubernatorial-achievements based thereupon.

    {On other pages, I’ve acknowledged Corbett’s deficiencies; yet, I consistently argued [for almost 2 years] he’d have been a preferable standard-bearer for – if nothing else – he lacked the gaffes Corbett had accumulated [plus the Sandusky debacle which he, belatedly, acknowledged].}

  • Do you agree that ByteDance should be forced to divest TikTok?

    • Yes. It's a national security risk. (60%)
    • No. It's an app used by millions and poses no threat. (40%)
    • What's ByteDance? (0%)

    Total Voters: 30

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