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Reader Poll: Clinton Favorite Modern U.S. President

Bill-Clinton-1999-04It was extremely close, but in the end Bubba beat Dutch.

In honor of President’s Day, we asked our readers who their favorite modern, post-WWII President is.

Bill Clinton narrowly edged out Ronald Reagan 307 votes to 306 votes.

The current President, Barack Obama, came in third with 151.

Next came John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush, who received 109 and 108 votes respectively.

Sixty-six respondents chose Harry S. Truman as well as Lyndon B. Johnson.

They were followed by Dwight Eisenhower who was supported by 47 readers and George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter who won the support of 24 readers each.

At the bottom, Richard Nixon avoided infamy with 15 votes while his successor Gerald Ford came in last with 13.

The full results are included below:

Who is your favorite modern U.S. President?

  • Bill Clinton (25%)
  • Ronald Reagan (25%)
  • Barack Obama (12%)
  • John F. Kennedy (9%)
  • George W. Bush (9%)
  • Harry S. Truman (5%)
  • Lyndon B. Johnson (5%)
  • Dwight Eisenhower (4%)
  • George H.W. Bush (2%)
  • Jimmy Carter (2%)
  • Richard Nixon (1%)
  • Gerald Ford (1%)

Total Voters: 1,236

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5 Responses

  1. This is only because Alan Kennedy-Shaffer hasn’t been elected President of the United States….yet!

  2. Just shows that at least 34% of your readers are idiots…Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush…seriously? I do think that George HW Bush deserved more support, especially since he was ultimately successful in setting us on a more prosperous path after the disastrous Reagan years, and, unlike his son W, had a winning Persian Gulf strategy!

  3. The fact that anyone considers Obama their favorite over any of these besides Carter proves the idiots are running this country.

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    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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