Reader Poll: Corbett’s NCAA Lawsuit Will Not Aid Re-Election



Out of 665 voters, 348 of them were pessimistic about re-election for Corbett and think that voters will see the lawsuit as a political move.  92 voters thought it would affect his re-election positively, regardless of whether is lawsuit is seen as political or not.


Will Corbett’s NCAA Lawsuit Boost His Re-election Chances?

  • No. Voters will see this as a political move. (52%)
  • No. His numbers are too far gone. (18%)
  • Yes. Even if voters think the suit is political. (14%)
  • Depends on whether he wins the case. (8%)
  • Yes. This will help him win over Penn State alumni. (8%)

Total Voters: 670

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Although multiple polls have shown that Pennsylvanians oppose the NCAA’s unprecedentedly strict sanctions against Penn State and support the lawsuit overall, they don’t necessarily support the Governor.

More than a quarter million of Pennsylvania’s residents are Penn State alumni and their backing of the lawsuit appears to be rooted in the issue itself and does not imply confidence in Corbett, whose handling of the Sandusky case in 2009 was widely criticized.

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