Reader Poll: Dems Will Sweep Supreme Court Races

democratic-donkeyToday’s election will shape the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for years to come.

According to our readers it will be a good night for the Democratic Party. We asked them what the partisan breakdown of the three victors would be.

399 respondents think that the Dems will sweep the three races.

245 readers believe that the Democrats win will two seats while the Republicans take one.

On the other hand, 162 readers feel the Republicans will take two seats and the Democrats just one.

Finally, 125 respondents said that the Republicans will win all three in a sweep.

The full results are included below:

Who Will Be Elected to the State Supreme Court?

  • 3 Democrats and 0 Republicans (43%)
  • 2 Democrats and 1 Republican (26%)
  • 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat (17%)
  • 3 Republicans and 0 Democrats (13%)

Total Voters: 931

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14 Responses

  1. LOL … My groupie troll clearly needs to sign up for the Ha3 Fan-Club. He will get a free autographed poster in the mail !!

  2. I’m fake aaron. I’m also H3, Pat Unger, and sometimes mike. I HATE when other people post under different names like I do. I enjoy it when Fina pounds my ass while calling me Kathleen.

  3. Yeah, how dare you call out H3, I mean Obsever 1 through 7, I mean me — we’re all the same person — for whining about how Fina prosecuted us! He was a meanie! Now we have to hope that some emails will make a difference as our darling Kathleen heads to prison. Clown Car. Repervlicans.

  4. fake HaHaHa seems to be the one obsessed w fina. he posted the comment below before anyone mentioned fina:

    November 3, 2015 at 11:50 am

    If the Dems don’t sweep, it’s because Frank Fina polluted the democratic process, kicking puppies and looking at PORN EMAILS the whole time. Clown Car. Repervlicans.

  5. Fake Ha3 – No one cares what you “like.” You are a troll and a stalker. At least he is not obsessed with a random commenter on “PoliticsPA.” You are so obsessed that you use his (Ha3’s) screen name and pretend to be him. That’s as lame as it gets.

    Sorry – You lose again. You must like getting OWNED.

  6. Observer3, see what I mean? Observer is fantasizing about Fina having sex. Also, “unethical his entire career”? Laughable. Even Dr. Evil loves his cat. Let’s hear some specifics, Observer.

  7. You are right on, Observer 3 – win-win. Fina has been a hypocrritical cheater for his entire career. Ask anyone who had the misfortune of having to deal with him. He never ever observed the ethical canon that a prosecutor must first be concerned with doing justice. It was always and only about his personal victories. He has some real deep-seated personal insecurities, and we saw it in his courtroom dealings, and now in his personal shortcomings. My guess is he is a complete Submissive in his alternative sex life, and makes up for up by being A Man at work.

  8. Observer3, I don’t care what happens to Fina. I just like messing with joebots and deranged Kane supporters who change every story into a perspective on Fina abd porn emails. He’s a dick, but you are way overstating his “unethical” behavior (If you disagree, state the rule of professional conduct and specifically how he violated it) and he certainly has not done anything illegal. It’s just funny. What motivation — other than blind devotion to Paterno or being prosecuted by Fina — could a person have to be so obsessed with him?

  9. Fake Ha3 –

    It is clear you are a shill for Fina. Did you and your bosses really think he would come out of this unscathed? After all – he did challenge AG Kane to a televised debate … before all his vile, disgusting, and unethical behavior came to light.

    I’m just wondering if Frank thinks it was all worth it. His shenanigans worked to “smear” Kane. But he also assured that his own misdeeds were exposed. Most reasonable people call this a WIN-WIN. We get rid of Kane while exposing the corrupt and unethical people in the Justice System.

  10. If the Dems don’t sweep, it’s because Frank Fina polluted the democratic process, kicking puppies and looking at PORN EMAILS the whole time. Clown Car. Repervlicans.

  11. And then they can make sure they get rid of their racist, woman-hating colleague – Michael Eakin.

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