Reader Poll: Dems Will Win More In State House

The current makeup of the PA House.

It’s been a while, politicos, but we asked you about a month ago what will happen to the PA House this fall.

And while no single answer came out on top, your choice was clear: the Dems will win some seats this fall – it’s exactly how many that is up for debate.

With 887 votes total, a solid 58 percent of voters came out in the Dems’ corner, predicting they will win seats in the House this fall – and calling it heavily for the Dems (meaning they would win more than 6 seats) was the No. 1 response and took 21 percent of the vote.

Coming in a close second was the prediction that the Ds would win between 1 and 3 seats; it took second place by a mere two votes at 183.

Third place was the prediction that the Democrats would win 4 to 6 seats – at 17 percent of the vote.

Only 31 percent of readers predicted the GOP would come out in the black this cycle – 16 percent said the GOP will win 1 to 3 seats and 10 percent said they will win more than 6. Five percent said Republicans win between 4 and 6.

With 203 members, the House now has a makeup of 112 Republicans and 91 Democrats. If the Dems even manage to win 6 seats, they are still at a 97 to 106 disadvantage, but a step closer to closing the gap between them and the GOP.

2 Responses

  1. A change is sorely needed in Armstrong County! Representative Jeff Pyle has done nothing but line the pockets of his wealthy supporters by hurting the rest of us. His illegal interference in school board elections and renovations has resulted in Armstrong School District taxpayers losing over $7 million with nothing to show for it and the school board changed to build the expensive unnecessary new high school Pyle’s wealthy supporters have desired. Our school taxes have already went up 1.27 mils this year with no end in site. Pyle and his mentor Senator Don White have been silent about all of this now. However, Pyle and White both used their offices and influence to stop renovations putting out reports on their websites as to how our district couldn’t afford to renovate. Pyle even used his appropriations committee in issuing an error- filled public report! Now the new school is being built on previously unsellable land owned by close associates of Don White! They couldn’t sell it because no one wanted to pay for the millions in infrastructure needed to make that land usable. But surprise! The owners have graciously donated 68 acres of the 168 acre plot with the ASD taxpayers paying to place the infrastructure and give those owners $35k should they sell that now very profitable land to cover hookup fees!

    White and Pyle have lied to the public and made Armstrong County a place where no one wants to bring business into. And that’s just the way their wealthy contributors want it. So they can keep their monopoly at any cost.

  2. 2010 was the year for Republicans to win in the PA House. Any Republican who could not win that year had no business being a candidate. With the re-redistricted lines staying the way they are for one more year, Democrats are definitely going to pick up seats. The arrogance of the GOP Leadership to NOT get a reasonable plan in place for this election will cost the GOP for a decade.

  • Will Doug Mastriano Run For U.S. Senate?

    • No. Not Enough Support From Mainstream GOP. (91%)
    • Yes. Let Doug Be Doug. (9%)

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