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Reader Poll: Do You Approve of Governor Tom Wolf’s Job Performance?

Governor-WolfThis summer will be Tom Wolf’s first as Governor. It may also proved to be his most important.

Currently, the Democratic Governor and GOP legislature are at an impasse over the budget. Tax and pension reform stand as imposing obstacles to climb and no one believes the June 30th budget deadline will be met.

On the eve of this fight, we decided now would be the perfect to test with our readers where Gov. Wolf’s approval stands.

We’ve tried this in the past with other officials and it’s been a good barometer for how they’re doing, whether it be Pat Toomey (quite well) or Kathleen Kane (not good at all).

So, what do you think of the job Governor Wolf has done so far?

Do you approve or disapprove of Governor Wolf’s overall job performance?

  • Disapprove (63%)
  • Approve (37%)

Total Voters: 2,623

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16 Responses

  1. Governor Wolf is fighting for working families across PA. The house and senate are pushing legislation created by corporations in an effort for these same corporations to profit off of the taxpayers. SB1 is the same garbage that Tom Corbett presented and was rejected by the same house and senate. SB1 does nothing to resolve the pension funding issue. I stand with Governor Wolf and his fight for Good jobs and Good schools.

  2. Governor Wolf, keep working on our problems. The people left behind from Corbett and obstructionists in the Legislature are the problem. Especially Corman, Wagner, Scarnati, Metcalfe, Turzai and all the other backwards thinkers.

  3. State employees are the only ones who made 100 percent of their pension contribution every year. The General Assembly has been borrowing money from the pensions for years and the credit card bill is coming due. They were over 100 percent funded before the legislature started meddling. We have a debt problem, not a pension problem.

  4. State employees get very VERY modest pensions when they retire. No other employee living in this Commonwealth has their very livelihood balanced on who wins the elections and what comes out in the budget. We fix your roads, we serve the poor, we teach your kids and college students; we help the children and elderly. We are the ones who are out there fixing that broken water main. We are the ones out there patrolling your highways to keep them safe. We are the ones people turn to in times of trouble. Like President Obama taking over with a disaster on his hands from Dubya, Gov Wolf is taking over from a fiscal disaster; budget cuts in the worst places and tax cuts that only benefitted Gov. Corporate’s sponsors. You who are disapproving of the Governor already are probably the same people who disapproved of the President because he couldn’t fix 8 years of disaster in less than a year. If you have EVER gotten a driver’s license or ID, that was a state employee. If you have seen a road crew fixing a bad piece of road, that crew were likely to be state employees. If you applied for the Affordable Care Act or LiHeap benefits, those applications were handled by state employees. We make Pennsylvania work.
    As far as a an on-time budget, Corbett hardly had one on time, and Rendell NEVER had one on time. This first budget with a Legislature who is against the Governor is probably going to be late due to the Legislature, not the Governor.

  5. Tax and spend isn’t good policy, and we’re heading that way. Give this man time to see what miracles he can work with his party in the minority before passing final judgement.

  6. I give Wolf credit for his moratorium on the death penalty, something that needed to happen. That being said I won’t pass true judgement until he decides on a fair funding formula for all schools in every district in Pennsylvania, and how to fix the pension problem.

  7. Gosh, when Tom Corbett was gubner, I didn’t have to worry about things like education, health care or the environment. Tom C did all the thinking for me, er us. See, freeing corporations from paying their share created a lot of access capital. You need access capital to pad your off shore accounts. Now, with a real leader, we will take car of the people, not the people who gave so gallantly to support the campaign for Tom C. The real people.

  8. Gov Wolf as a constituent in Blakeslee PA please keep up the good work you are trying to do for the people of PA. We know it’s not easy given the House and Senate are controlled by the Republican Party. As a constituent I’m doing everything I can to educate folks around the importance of the budget and why it should be passed for the working people.

  9. You are a CRANK. The big cities have always and will continue to subsidize rural pa. It never is, and never has been the other way around.

  10. The mess Pennsylvania finds it self in began years ago. The Pension Problem one of the main issues that effects the State started in The Ridge Administration. A Republican Governor and Democratic Majority State Houses made one of the most outrageous deals in Pa. History. They voted themselves a 50% pension increase. Throwing in a 25% raise in pension to State Employees ( who did not ask for this raise) that kicked in 10 years down the road that was retroactive to the date when it was voted on. Then Govenors Ridge, Rendell, and Corbett and the following Legislative Entities failed to fund for 10 years the Pension Plan that they authorized. Some of those Lawmakers are still in office Senator Scarnati being one of them. Where is the public outrage for those lawmakers. Many of them are retired enjoying these outrageous pensions we are paying for. Governor Wolf has been in office since January. He has tried hard to undo this mess but he has been on the job four months and you want to hold him accountable for over twelve years of ignoring the glaring problems facing Pennsylvania. Everyone needs to take a breath and let this intelligent good man have at least a year as Governor to judge his job performance.

  11. Wolf hasn’t done much. Governor McGinty, on the other hand, picked an unnecessary fight with the Senate by firing Erik Arneson and filled as many cabinet positions as possible with Hanger’s PennFuture buddies and others who despise shale gas drilling.

  12. I fear the age of Rendell II is upon us, where nothing will get done on time, and money will be expected to flow from the rural areas into subsidizing the urban areas even more than is occurring now.

  13. The Governor’s plan to reduce the school property tax is just smoke and mirrors. The partial reduction will not last as school boards continue to raise the tax resulting in higher taxes for everyone.
    The only solution is complete elimination of this unfair and archaic tax!

  14. Right now, I cannot say. I am going to give Wolf some more time before I give my approval or disapproval. When the budget is passed and PA starts to feel the effects of it, then I will make my decision. Some things in the budget I like, some I don’t. Time will tell but I believe that the budget deadline will come and go without a budget passed.

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