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Reader Poll: Do You Approve or Disapprove of Bob Casey’s Job Performance?

Bob CaseyBob Casey has served in the U.S. Senate for eight and a half years now.

By this point, Pennsylvanians have surely developed an opinion of Sen. Casey.

In the past, we’ve asked our readers if they approve or disapprove of certain statewide elected officials.

Kathleen Kane, Tom Wolf and the entire legislature ended up on the wrong side of that question while Pat Toomey, Michael Nutter and Eugene DePasquale fared much better.

Continuing on this tradition, we want to know how our readers think Sen. Bob Casey is doing.

So dear readers, what do you think of Sen. Casey’s performance?

Do You Approve or Disapprove of Bob Casey’s Job Performance?

  • Disapprove (55%)
  • Approve (45%)

Total Voters: 1,032

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25 Responses

  1. Interesting how “disapprove” was far outscoring “approve” the last time I checked a couple of days ago, and now it is the other way around despite the fact that almost all of the 24 comments here show disapproval of Casey. Looks like the Casey people sent out the word for people to vote his way.

  2. His father Bob Casey the Greater a/k/a The Real Bob Casey was a much better man. Also the Democratic Party of old was a much more tolerant and ideologically diverse party that of today. Bob Casey the Lesser is just doing what he has to do to survive politically and remain a Senator like the late Arlen Specter did. Although people may call him Senator Duh I think that he is going to our Senator for many years came unless some super lefty beats him in a primary. Then Pennsylvania will go back to having two Republican Senators if their nominee is from Western PA.

  3. Bob is a seat warmer for the democrat party. Don’t ask him to think for himself or speak for himself w/o asking Harry Reid what he should do or say.

  4. He supports illegals and sanctuary cities. Free meds, schools and Access cards to illegals. Lets see how he explains this next election to those of us working hard, paying the bills.

  5. While I’ll take Casey in a heart-beat rather than his Reppublican counter parts, ( Especially Toomey) I’m distrurbed by his heavy fossil fuel funding and voting their desires over voters wishes for more renewables and sustainable agriculture. PA is too big an Ag state with the advantage of its proxinity to major east coast urban centers for him to ingore the need to promote renewably developed healthy foods, especially given the great drought in California. If the Dems put forward an alternate who supported Casey’s social values and backed sustainable agriculture and energy, I’d support him over Casey. I will be thrilled to support any such Democrat who runs against Toomey, a Neanderthal.

  6. Too bad Barbara Boxer is retiring. PA won’t have the second-stupidest Senator any more.

  7. Bob Casey is certainly not his father. I agree with the commenter who said he sold himself as the moderate middle of the road guy his dad was. We should have known that was a front considering that James Carville was his coach and locked him down while engineering the campaign. Bobby has proven himself do be a “Lap Dog” for the hard left. Bobby carrys the water when he is told. He hasn’t really done anything significant.. He seems half asleep.

  8. I like Casey personally. He tries. But I think that every federal incumbent, including Casey and Toomey, ought to be ousted. We are drowning in debt. We are making more and more people “entitled” to things they are not entitled to, such as a lifelong living on the federal dole, free to do their drugs and demonstrate for Cecil the Lion while illegals flood our borders, jobs dry up, drug use is rampant and federal lawyers try to spring duly convicted state-level murderers.

  9. Casey is a “YES” man for Obama and the leadership. He already endorsed Clinton to curry favor with her. He is indeed known as an “empty suit”.
    He supports illegal immigration and other far left causes.

  10. Casey ran as the moderate D his dad was. Instead he has turned hard Left on every issue that matters to conservatives and rural voters. I can’t wait to support his Republican challenger.

  11. All Bob has going for him is his unibrow. Cannot wait to watch as he departs from the Senate in 2018.

  12. Senator Casey flys under the radar because he picks up issues most people ignore, issues that don’t make headlines. To day he does nothing or is an empty suit is unfair considering the work he and his office puts towards ending childhood hunger, rural broadband development and constant VA issues many PA vets encounter. I’ve always known him and his staff to be strong advocates for the citizens of PA. Just because he isn’t out there spouting talking points to get his name in the headlines doesn’t mean he isn’t working hard for the state.

  13. Bob Casey is busy serving on quite a number of committees including — if I remember correctly — Appropriations, which is an honor.

    He pushes the key issues in the right direction as comparedf with his counterpart who is much too partisan when he votes.

  14. Bob Casey has been pushing all the right legislation. He is very busy serving on key committees including — If I remember correctly — Appropriations.(an honor)
    I will take him any day as compared with Toomey who is much too partisan.

  15. He’s no different than the rest of the corporate owned scum in Congress. Kick’em all out.

  16. Guess all those unemployed Corbett staffers keep busy voting on PoliticsPA polls.

  17. Disappointing! He forgets who elected him. Our organization gave him money and now that he is elected, he forgets us and does not attend any of our functions or responds to our correspondence. When we call his scheduler, she said oh I’m sorry, he won’t attend, he will be traveling. Well our little bit of money will not be traveling with him in 2018.

  18. Casey is the laziest Senator in Congress. He has not done ONE thing since elected. Anyone, anyone would represent the interest of PA better than him. Please vote this loser out.

  19. Bob Casey is an empty suit and a Republican-Lite “Democrat,” who only won his seat because Schumer and Rendell pushed Hoeffel and Hafer into pulling out of the race in a year when a salami sandwich could have beaten Rick Santorum. I have twice cast write-in votes rather than vote for Casey. If the GOP ever fields a real candidate against Casey he is toast. It is also telling that his apparent best friend in the Senate is Pat Toomey, with whom he often collaborates in sponsoring bills and endorsing judges.

  20. The man is an indolent non-entity who has accomplished little, if anything, as a office-holder.

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