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Reader Poll: Do You Approve or Disapprove of Donald Trump?

Trump-PenceIt was a tumultuous opening weekend for the Trump Administration.

Protests, arguments over crowd sizes and “alternative facts” got about as much attention as the new President’s Inaugural Address.

Nonetheless, Presidents usually post their best approval ratings at the beginning of their tenure.

As we’ve done with statewide officials, we want to track how readers feel about President Trump throughout the next four years.

So dear readers, we put the question to you.

Do You Approve or Disapprove of Donald Trump’s Job Performance?

  • Approve (61%)
  • Disapprove (39%)

Total Voters: 2,244

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19 Responses

  1. Says quite a bit about the readership of this blog as compared to the rest of the public at large.

  2. careful my friends—last time I saw someone with as much promise as Trump was when Kathy Kane arrived on the scene and what an idiot she was

  3. Let’s give the newly elected president the opportunity to show what he can do to implement programs that will benefit ALL Americans!

  4. I wish we had some push back on his failings to post his foreign economic entanglements from his own party.

  5. His claims about voter fraud or going to cost taxpayers a lot of money to conduct another bogus investigation. How many of his Cabinet nominees will be indicted?

  6. Look, I don’t particularly care for his style, apparent insecurities, or thin-skinned-ness, but I like his proposed cabinet appointees and I like that he is trying to scale back agencies that have run amok for far too long and overstepped their constitutional bounds. I also like that he’s trying cut back spending in a long-overbloated government and eliminate unnecessary spending instead of expecting taxpayers to keep paying higher taxes. I like that he wants to reform the tax code and is not an apologist for American exceptionalism. I like that he supports our allies, especially Israel, and won’t be appeasing or funding our enemies. It’s been rather hilarous seeing the liberal temper tantrum these last few days. Now they know how frustrated many of us have felt these last 8 years. Oh and I really like that he holds the press accountable. They’ve been obvious pandering liberal propoganda machines for far too long and have either ignored stories unflattering to Obama or outright perpetuated lies told by the Obama administration (it was a You-tube video!!) In short, I don’t like everything Trump SAYS but I like what he’s DOING.

  7. It is interesting to note the enmity evidenced on both sides of the answer to the question. Perhaps we can say: “The nightmare is over; let the nightmare begin.”

  8. What concerns me greatly is the amount of people willing to follow along with a truly unstable person. Conservative or liberal agenda aside,let’s face reality. Trump must go!

  9. After the racism, anti Semitism and corruption of Obama- even Trump is a blessing. No President has been more corrupt -more arrogant and nor divisive than Obama. Obama shamed our Nation and disgraced his Office. It is no accident that we saw a criminal meeting between AG Lynch and Bubba Clinton on his watch. Obama is a stain on our body politic.

  10. Another BS, unscientific poll that proves how shallow we are. C’mon. You can do better than this. Trump is – without a doubt – more unpopular than any any other president at this early stage. Stop caving to alternative facts.

  11. Pres. Trump’s approval ratings are presently about the same as Pres. Bush’s were after the US economy lost around 3 million jobs in a single quarter.

  12. “Presidents usually post their best approval ratings at the beginning of their tenure”

    This will probably be true of Trump and this may well be his high point.

    His first day, he stop a cut in rates for home mortgages, that will prevent about $500 in savings per year for first time home buyers.

    His protectionist policies will hurt economy and cost jobs by sparking an international trade war.

    His proposal to eliminate a lot of environmental regulations is going to lead to massive pollution.

  • Does the NYC Verdict Make You More or Less Likely to Vote For Trump in 2024?

    • Less Likely (36%)
    • More Likely (34%)
    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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