Reader Poll: Do You Approve or Disapprove of President Obama’s Job Performance?

president-barack-obama-2013-inauguration-537x442Barack Obama has just five months left in his term.

As his final year has progressed, the President’s approval numbers in PA and across the nation have steadily moved upward.

Presidents have been known to see an uptick in their numbers at the end of their tenure, although that doesn’t always happen.

We want to find out if our readers share the same sentiment.

So dear readers, how do you feel about the 44th President of the United States?


Do You Approve or Disapprove of President Obama’s Job Performance?

  • Disapprove (62%)
  • Approve (38%)

Total Voters: 1,305

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16 Responses

  1. Hey !!! That is not the real HaHaHa below. The real one is smart. This loser stealing his screen-name is a stupid idiot. And that is “The Tuth”

  2. STINKO is his real name.
    More corrupt than Nixon- more incompetent than Carter. Arrogance is no substitute for accomplishment – he shamed our Nation and his Office. Rather than unite- he sought to divide. Hiliary will be a huge improvement- even Trump would be better. Fox News is not
    Responsible for Barak Obama being a jack ass. Good riddance on January 20- we can all celebrate.

  3. Hey Brad Kirsch, Obama had 8 years. Part of being a good President is being able to negotiate with Congress. Clinton did it. Obama wasn’t up to the task. But way to reflexively claim racism as the Democrat playbook requires you to do!

  4. The economy that Mr. Obama inherited as his campaign was ending for his first term was caused by failure to sanely regulate the loan industry and the unfunded war in Iraq.

    The failure of our congress to debate issues of rebuilding this nation and the political stupidity of the Republican party for shunning any real negotiations of people needs has caused us a fractious and decided legislative system tilted toward only a consumer economy.

    NO nation can exist on just consumer spending without farming our economy to deal with the issues of proper development of our internal resources.

    Thus, to simply attempt to blame Obama for our economic decline is a falsity! The economic debts we have are the result of our trying to bail out our economy and we still haven’t fully recovered in our capacities to really build a truly modern economic plan.

    I cringe when I see people speaking for the underdeveloped human in terms that mirror racist blaming instead of informed thinking about just how our economy is not working for the minorities as one of those minorities is our own children who’s future suffers at the hands of crass economic blindness on the part of the merchant class who only operate on next months capital return as their basis of reality.

  5. How has David Diano not been sued to kingdom come by now for his remarks? How has David Diano made a living with such foolish ideas? These are the questions that nag my mind when I open this site.

  6. Is that the Charlie Sexton from Delco that used to run the county GOP?

    Because that guy is a major racist who always used to refer to blacks with the n-word and say they were all thieves and criminals.

  7. Charles Sexton … you are so correct. However, you have to wonder if the black community truly know their voting history between the time that Lincoln “freed” them from slavery to do what they wanted [they actually voted Republican] and when LBJ became President and gave everything away for “free” to them to get their vote and it hasn’t changed since. There are those in the black[actors, editorial writers, etc.] community that have attempted to stand up against the norm to open the communities minds by speaking the actual truth but the black community doesn’t want to hear any of it; hence those true black elite are basically “shunned” by their own peers! I have quite a few black friends, and we have spoken upon this issue and they agree that the their community have better open their eyes as well as this Country as a whole bc we in worse shape now than ever before, so it’s not just myself feeling that way!

  8. We will miss him. He has served with compassion, commitment and class. The two fat cats running now will ruin America.

  9. You have to be stupid to approve of doubling the National Debt and again increasing it this year, his final year in office. There is more racism in America today under this President than anytime in America! Minority unemployment is at an all time high under this President! The military has ashrunk to an all time low, the Nation here at home is more vaunerable to terriost attacks than ever before! Nero played the Harp while Rome burnt, President Obama plays golf while America is a state of decay!

  10. Disapprove of first term, approve of second term. To say he hasn’t improved from one term to the next would be incorrect.

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