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Reader Poll: Do You Approve or Disapprove of Seth Williams?

Seth WilliamsIt’s been a tough few months for Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.

Williams was gaining momentum by prosecuting the bribery cases that Kane passed on. After refusing to fire Frank Fina, though, that momentum turned.

He was repeatedly criticized for his decision and some more journalistic digging found potential problems for the DA.

Now, Williams faces a primary re-election contest in less than a year.

Therefore, we want to know how you feel he’s doing.

Do You Approve or Disapprove of Seth Williams’ Job Performance?

  • Disapprove (71%)
  • Approve (29%)

Total Voters: 431

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40 Responses

  1. Kathy Kane may note perfect, but at least she is not a corrupt loser like Seth Williams. He needs to be in prison. His relationships with the likes of Frank Fina did him in. The sting case was a mess and Kane knew it.


    FOP already abandoning Seth. I’m not surprised by that,

    If Seth seriously told David G. that he thinks Kathleen Kane was/is responsible for the criminal investigation being led by the FBI and NJ’s United States Attorney’s Office (EDPA referred it there), then he is either completely stupid or a complete liar.

    The FBI and USAO does not let one side of a beef use them to score points against the other side. Plus – Kane had no credibility by the time the report surfaced about Seth using campaign money for personal expenses. At least this article explains why: Seth is cash-starved. And it seems like he is trying to set up his defense for when he gets indicted and arrested by the FBI — blame it on the unpopular Kane.

    There is much more than poor judgment going on here. His unwavering support for Porngate prosecutors Frank Fina and Mark Costanzo was worse than that – and it was compounded by the hiring of Kathy Martin (who is closely tied to those guys by the fact that her husband represents them in their civil suit against Kane and the OAG) to replace a career prosecutor who implored Seth to fire the racist/sexist duo who came over from the OAG. Seth basically fired that career prosecutor instead – a guy who had a sterling record as a D.A., Chief, Deputy and 1st Assistant.

    And what of those slashed tires on the City car(s)? Did Seth answer your questions about that? Was it really a jilted ex-lover? Why hasn’t she been arrested? Why were the taxpayers force to pay for the damage? Who handled the investigation for the DA’s Office? Was it Frank Fina’s unit, by any chance? Was it Costanzo’s unit?
    When will those questions get answered?

    Seth Williams is putting his head in the sand. Hopefully, the FBI will soon dig him up.

  3. He refuses to go after the black criminals in Philly who are making life untenable for the law abiding in that once great city!

  4. Street called Seth Williams “ambitiously evil.” Lynne Abraham called him an “empty suit” full of “all air and no substance.”

  5. Observer……I didn’t know this PAC confirmed it.. Thanks for the information. It’s interesting to read the blogs here (although sometimes I have a problem withe personal attacks) Where you can get the other side of the story so one can make informed decisions. I look forward to reading your views.

  6. But Charlie – Williams is not just an “elected official” or ordinary politician. He is supposed to be a prosecutor. And prosecutors have to be incorruptible. Unfortunately – that does not seem to be the case with Seth. He has gone off the rails. And he isn’t doing his job. EPIC FAIL

  7. Seth Williams is no worse than most of the elected officials we have in Philadelphia and may actually be better than some.

  8. Seth stepped into a circular firing squad. He either didn’t think through the Fina/sting case situation, or he is just corrupt.

    Seth’s problem is that he is broke and friendless – a deadly political combination. The bad Press has been steady since he tried to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes on the sting case and with Porn-gate.

    His office is in an all-out mutiny after sSeth forced out the 1st Assistant (hard-working career prosecutor) in favor of Bob Levant’s wife – Kathy Martin. It would be bad enough on the optics alone; with Bob Levant representing Tyron Ali AND Frank Fina. What makes matters worse for Seth is that she is also wholly unqualified and totally unpopular. She didn’t help things when she hung up on a reporter asking tough questions about John Dougherty and then demoted the Deputy that wanted Dougherty arrested for the assault he committed in South Philly.

    Kathy Martin demoting the Deputy that wanted Fina fired cemented her reputation as complete hack and corrupt asshole. The whole Office knew that Fina is Her husband’s client. The Deputy she demoted is another hard-working career prosecutor. And it appears Martin was just looking out for her husband’s client – Frank Fina.

    Seth has a lot of tough questions to face And I don’t think he will have any good answers. He has been an EPIC FAIL.

  9. Most damning for me is what Seth did on the Dougherty case. Four Union thugs attack a non-Union worker in broad daylight. There are witnesses and video. But Seth Williams gives Dougherty a free pass because Dougherty gave Williams a load of cash. That is not justice. The rich should not get away with crimes the rest of us would go to jail for. Shame on Seth Williams for protecting John Dougherty. That is corrupt. And then he demotes the Deputy that wanted Dougherty arrested. Pathetic.

  10. Jerry – didn’t Seth’s PAC already acknowledge the FBI/IRS investigation into Seth Williams? And didn’t they then oddly blame Kathy Kane?

    Either way – it has been reported in the Press that there is a Federal investigation. No one knows where it is going. But it seems they recently started looking into the special rent arrangement Seth had for his family. Sounds a lot like Fattah’s situation.

  11. Observer….thanks for the info I was just curious if it was just a theory or discovered via an announcement. The reason I ask is the FBI director at the Hillary hearing said its their policy to neither confirm or deny that an investigation is/ has taken place. Your thought makes sense though.

  12. Jerry – there is speculation that they don’t want to indict Williams until after the DNC; and also that Williams could resign or agree not to run again to avoid federal prison.

  13. Pat Ungef…..saw your posting just curious if you have anything to support your comment about Williams and the Feds

  14. I voted for this clown twice. I will not do it a third time. He is an empty-suit crooked politician.

  15. My understanding is that the Feds will take Seth Williams down; it’s just a matter of when.

    Wondering who the next D.A. will be – and how quickly he/she will get rid of the sycophants Seth has surrounded himself with.

    Kathleen Martin will be the first to go. But, she may get indicted before the next D.A. Gets to fire her.

    Her cross-eyed husband may get indicted too.

  16. Hey Aaron Williams. Take a look at your post on another blog here. It’s amazing how your English improved so rapidly. Who are you making fun at using these terms. So everyone knows you’re a phony. You also posted on this blog about a meeting to take place. I’m sure you mis posted. By the way it’s a meeting you didn’t show up at. Tell your friend HaHaHa or his new name FaFaFelon he’s a convicted felon and theif

    aaron williams says:
    July 19, 2016 at 5:12 pm
    why you think me wife is black, retard? you wanna show me those pictures in person like a “real man?”

  17. alright. it’s on. will be at brewers bar and grill in reading from 6:00 on. I have a dark blue tee-shirt on and jeans. will go out to car and get my orioles hat so you can find me easier. or you can ask one of the bartenders for me. they all know me.

  18. gotta wonder about this dude, levant.

    how can he represent tyron ali and also represent the prosecutor who let ali keep the 400grand he stole. that don’t make no sense. this levant dude negotiates with client A to let client B keep 400grand? thats gotta be illegal or unethical

    and then seth hires client A and also client A’s lawyer’s wife too – and he pays them both with city funds?

    someone’s gonna go to jail

  19. Please PLEASE vote for Seth. I had no job and Seth just hired me off the street to be his 2nd in command.

    Just ignore that I am totally unqualified. Just ignore that my husband represented Seth’s “informant” in the sting case. Just ignore that my husband represents Hategate prosecutors Fina and Costanzo.

    You hear the grumbling D about my husband representing Seth too – in the FBI criminal investigation – well —- just ignore that too !!!!

    OMG – Am I going to jail too?

  20. People. Wake up. This guy is the subject of a criminal investigation by the FBI.

    Look no further than what he did on Johnny Doc case. $$$ is all that matters to this guy. Johnny Doc gave him some; so Seth Williams turns his back on the victim of violent crime. That is called corruption.

  21. Maybe Police should interview me. I know EXACTLY who slashed those tires. And I know WHERE it really happened too!! That Bitch gets to go to Bedford Springs with Seth and I don’t!! Screw her. Why should she get away with committing a crime?

  22. Hey Boss – You want me to go around the Office and force people to vote for you? I’ll do it. You know I appreciate that promotion you gave me after I came over with Fina & The Corbett Pervs. Especially seeing as though the Court already tossed out my money grubbing lawsuit against the OAG. BTW, Boss – I don’t need to live in Philky, right?!?

  23. Seth is bad news. Fina asked us to help so we did. But, we can’t stand him either. Just because he wears bow-ties and sips whiskey at the Union League doesn’t make him one of us.

    We want to be far away when the Feds come for him. And we didn’t expect the Ali-Levant-Fina-Kathy Martin stuff to become public.

  24. Seth Williams has no friends left, Susan.

    Even the Republicans who were behind him for a while have now dumped him.

    I guess McCoy and Agholor should APPROVE of Seth Williams. Johnny Doc too.

    But Philadelphians looking for honesty and integrity in their elected officials should DISAPPROVE.

    And YES – Seth still employs two of the hateful prosecutors who used their State computers on racist and women-hating material. He even demoted a hard-working female Deputy for insisting they be fired.

  25. Wow. These numbers are even worse than Kane’s. Looks like Seth hasn’t had his friends vote yet.

  26. Let’s see – we know he knows how to NOT PROSECUTE people: Shady, John Dougherty and Agholor …. maybe his g/f too.

    And we know his signature win – Msr. Lynn – has been overturned by the Appellate Courts.

    And if it’s true that he forced the taxpayers to foot the bill for a jilted lover vandalizing City cars, Seth better get fitted for his orange jump-suit!! The whole City seems to know that his girlfriend did the crime. Why hasn’t she been arrested? Did she also donate loads of money to Seth? We know that is how John Dougherty avoided handcuffs.

    How can anyone “approve” of a D.A. that is willing to prosecute an old black lady who he has known since he was a child and then turn around and refuse to prosecute John Dougherty b/c $$$$ ?

    Oh – and don’t ask the Chief of Staff that question. Mrs. Levant will just hang up on you.

  27. Seth won election over several much more qualified people because he is African American in a city where 65%of the vote in a primary comes from African Americans. He will win again in a landslide unless some prominent African American steps up to run against him. It’s quite simple. And do far no one has expressed any interest.

  28. They need to run this poll after the truth comes out on the Harry Levant case.

    Harry Levant is a lawyer. He stole I’ve $1,000,000.00 from clients and insurance companies. But yet he did not do a day in jail. And he has not paid back his victims.

    How can that be?

    Well – Harry Levant’s Sister-in-Law is Seth’s new Chief of Staff at the DA’s Office. For some reason, the DA’s Office did not report the conflict. And, for some reason the Units that would normally handle a case of that nature did not handle Harry Levant’s case.

    Guess who did?

    Remember Fina and Costanzo?? They are the Porngate prosecutors that Seth hired and refused to fire even after it was revealed that they are racist perverts.

    Well – Fina and Costanzo are suing the State for $$$. One of their lawyers is Bob Levant – Harry’s brother and the husband of Seth’s new Chief of Staff.

    Turns out – their Unit handled Harry Levant’s case!! Yep – they decided it was OK to hook up their lawyer’s brother.

    Normally – a case like this would have come with a Press Release and maybe a Press Conference. I mean – a lawyer who ran for judge stole a shot-ton of money. But it was nothing but //CRICKETS// from Seth’s Office.

    Wonder why. lol.

    Bob and Kathy better have good lawyers. They may be sitting next to Seth in Federal Court.

    Trying to decide which is worse – this or the tire-slashing scandal. Tough one …..

  29. Those 26% must be the Trump contingent of the GOP, which is courting Seth.

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