Reader Poll: Do You Support a Bill Suspending Legislators’ Pay During a Budget Stalemate?

Harrisburg-Capitol-steps2The current budget stalemate is in its second month, the spending plan has been passed but the state lacks a way to fund it.  

During these stalemates some Legislators voluntarily give up their paychecks until the stalemate is resolved, and some have suggested making that a law.  

So we want to know, you support a bill suspending legislators’ pay during a budget stalemate? Should it only apply to legislators, or should it include the governor, or the legislative staff?


Do you support a bill suspending legislators' pay during a budget stalemate?

  • Yes, and it should include the governor (36%)
  • Yes (33%)
  • Yes, and it should include legislative staff (16%)
  • No (15%)

Total Voters: 604

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9 Responses

  1. Why punish the legislative staff? I wonder if people realize they are living below the national standard of wages unless you are a chief of staff or caucus staff.

  2. I am not so sure I want to end up in a situation where legislators are voting on a budget merely to avoid personal bankruptcy. I would not want to create an environment where only the independently wealthy can afford to be legislators and lose out on the opportunity for other voices and perspectives to be brought to the General Assembly.

  3. I support cancelling the pay of the legislators who won’t vote to properly fund a budget.

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