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Reader Poll: Do You Support the Senate Inquiry into Kathleen Kane?

KaneThe State Senate is coming after the Attorney General.

Yesterday, their committee held its first hearing to determine whether Kathleen Kane should be removed from the post because of her law license suspension.

Under this procedure, a majority of the Senate and the Governor would be enough to kick out the AG.

Meanwhile, Kane is protesting the committee by asserting that she can only be removed through impeachment.

We want to know what you think.

Do You Support the Senate Inquiry into Kathleen Kane?

  • Yes, it’s a legitimate method of investigation. (46%)
  • No, the legislature should wait until her trial is over. (41%)
  • No, the legislature should start impeachment proceedings instead. (13%)

Total Voters: 700

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58 Responses

  1. The only people who belong in jail are violent criminals who are a threat to children and society. Why do some of you want to destroy her, her family and children?
    Is there no compassion for people any more? We are all brothers and sisters of God, we are all human and imperfect. Everyone needs counseling, to accept their mistakes, change, forgive and move on. We have one life on this earth, and we all need a job. I suggest people have more sense and grace towards one another. As a woman I will always support a woman in any political position.

  2. We need her in this position for the sake of all women. End the abuse and violence against women! As a woman I will continue to support her and I will plant a seed in every young woman I meet. I will tell them to go to law school and into politics so the judicial system is fair the way its meant to be. Everyone with daughters and grand daughters need to think very clearly about what is going on here, because I would hate to see your daughter be railroaded the way she is. This bias BS has got to end.

    Btw, Clinton is going to be the next president too.

  3. I don’t understand how Kane’s license can be taken away when there is no conviction yet. I thought you were innocent til proven guilty, not guilty till proven innocent.

  4. 53% of Pennsylvanians DO NOT SUPPORT the Senate’s end-around on the Constitution. Gotta wonder if these other stories (about Eakin, Graci, etc.) are having an impact on how people see the Kane situation. They sure do lend credence to the argument that there is massive corruption in Harrisburg.

    Of course – none of that changes the fact that she should go to jail if she illegally leaked GJ info to get revenge on Fina. She certainly should. She just shouldn’t go alone. To prosecute Kane for ONE illegal leak and ignore the MANY illegal leaks by Fina & The Corbett Pervs would be almost criminal. It most certainly would be selective enforcement (which is a form of corruption).

  5. Yeah — So? Are you that obtuse? Are you really going to pretend that a comment by a press secretary is as big a deal as the massive corruption on the Supreme Court and within the Judicial Review Board? You are losing credibility.

    It seems that Eakin sat quiet while his friend and former employee “cleared” him in this ridiculous porngate scandal (and I do not approve of Kane … at all). He had a duty to speak up. So did Ron Castille. So did DelSole. This could be a case-book example of corruption.

  6. mr. sklaroff – care to comment on the article about the relationship between Graci and Ekin. Doesn’t seem kosher to me …

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    Total Voters: 112

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