Reader Poll: Does Vance’s Win in Ohio Mean Victory for Oz?


Last night, JD Vance won the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate nomination in Ohio by more than eight points over Josh Mandel.

Vance, of course, received the endorsement of former president Donald Trump and saw his fortunes rise. The author of Hillbilly Elegy was polling at 11 percent in early March and rose to 23 percent in last week’s Fox News poll.

Vance was once a Trump critic, but earned the former president’s endorsement by embracing Trump’s views on issues like trade, immigration and slamming big tech companies. Vance’s win on Tuesday demonstrated that Trump still holds influence over a sizable chunk of Republican primary voters.

Mehmet Oz received the endorsement of Trump for the Pennsylvania GOP nomination. We want to know – does Vance’s win mean victory for Dr. Oz on May 17?

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Reader Poll: Does JD Vance's Win in Ohio Mean Victory for Dr. Oz?

  • No. Still unsure how Pennsylvanians will treat endorsement. (70%)
  • Yes. Trump's endorsement sealed the deal. (30%)

Total Voters: 111

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May 4th, 2022 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Poll, Senate, Top Stories | 22 Comments

22 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Does Vance’s Win in Ohio Mean Victory for Oz?”

  1. David Diano says:

    It means that Oz has a stronger shot at getting picked to lose in November to the Dem candidate.

  2. PA Patriot says:

    Oz isn’t even a real Pennsylvanian. And by 2025 Trump will be an old man. We don’t need another old man leading this country, and we don’t need a Turk as our PA Senator.

  3. Oz supporter says:

    Oz is the only real conservative in the race. Let’s go Oz!

  4. gulagpittsburgh says:

    I love JD Vance. True MAGA leaders

    1. gulagpittsburgh says:

      fake post by imposter

      1. gulagpittsburgh says:

        fake reply by imposter

  5. KathyBarnetteforthewin says:

    Trump got into Hunter’s crack supply in the basement with that endorsement. Kathy Barnette will win. Dr. Oz has deep ties in the Turkish military and is best friends w the high Satanic priestess and Spirit Cooker Marina Abromavich. Oz isn’t pro life and wants to push transgenerism on children. He will fall on his face because Patriots are not dumb.

    1. Nunya says:

      I just looked up Marina Abromavich and found pictures of what she does. She is abhorrent. Apparently she was at some Turkish gala with Oz. Wow.

  6. gulagpittburgh says:

    Sure hope so. Go Oz

    1. gulagpittsburgh says:

      fake post by imposter

  7. Bono says:

    JD Vance received 32% of the Republican votes. Almost 70% went to the other primary candidates. Tim Ryan can pick up disaffected Republicans to win in November.

    1. Dr. Bob says:

      they’ll unify

      1. The Huckabeast says:

        Actually, I think Ryan stands a good chance of picking this seat up. Ryan is a very moderate Blue Dog Democrat and Vance is an elite media product. If Ryan runs a blue collar campaign and paints Vance what he is, a celebrity opportunist who has no experience – Ryan can easily become the next US Senator from Ohio.

        1. Dr. Bob says:

          Ryan votes with Pelosi, notwithstanding purported image.

          1. Bono says:

            Ryan votes just like Sherrod Brown. The Dolan voters will go for Ryan. Get with it Dr. Bob

  8. The Wright Brothers says:

    Terry Madonna and all the political newsletters are basically putting their fingers in the wind gaging trends. Some of the newsletters seem to put chips on every number hoping to be right. Roe reversed is a political tsunami and changes 2022 off year election to a Presidential year. Even if the Court backpedals and doesn’t reverse Roe the damage is done. No way can Mastriano win and Corman was the R’s only chance. That ship has sailed. The SS Mastriano will sink in November and Dems will win Governor and Senate.

    1. 2000Mules says:

      Haaaaaaa. That’s funny. How many signatures did Doug get to be on the ballot? 29,000. (He needed 2,000). Even Fetterman congratulated him.

  9. Dr. Bob says:

    Dom Giordano said, last week [after PCN debate, twice] and last Monday [at 2000 Mules in Bensalem, to me] that Kathy is surging; this is occurring AFTER The Donald acted.

    This explains the polling results that discount his potency, for most Conservatives recoil after a sudden-conversion by a Lib; watched him @ Bucks County rally, and he said all the “right” things.

    Note dispassionate summary of last week’s debate [not “forum”] and note how she is positive-assertive without attacking colleagues; then recognize that her authenticity glistens.

    h ttps://ti nyurl.c om/3ub7xzk7

  10. The Wright Brothers says:

    Yes! Just like Mastriano’s winning. Good Trumper sign. The R’s belong to Trump in 2022. One Trumper goes to federal prison over the insurrection and comes out still dedicated to orange hair! Amazing!

  11. Doug Miller says:

    I will vote for whoever Daddy Trump tells me to vote for! Dr. Oz will also get a lot of women and gays like me to vote for him. I miss you Chase! Please call me.

    1. Dr. Bob says:

      You should not vote for the monied individual who pledges to “win” without assessing his policies; note, for example, the ads that aggregate his repeated support for scientifically unproven public use of masks [mutually exclusive of his having graciously hosted questionably-scientific guests].

      1. Horace Buntingworth says:

        Douglas, we all know you are a typical republican ya-hoo from the sticks.

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