Reader Poll: Fattah Will Resign

Chaka-FattahChaka Fattah won’t be in Congress much longer.

At least that’s what our readers believe should be the case.

The Philly Congressman was indicted on 29 counts last month. So far, Rep. Fattah has been adamant that he will not resign.

Nonetheless, 601 readers still believe he will ultimately chose to step aside.

Just 153 respondents think he’ll fight on.

The full results are included below:

Should Congressman Chaka Fattah Resign?

  • Yes (80%)
  • No (20%)

Total Voters: 754

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6 Responses

  1. He won’t resign. His Congressional salary is the income he has now. He needs the paycheck.

  2. He’s not quitting. What’s a more interesting question is whether he will seek reelection or have a member of Team Fattah (Senator Hughes, Sandra Dungee Glenn, Councilman Jones) run for the seat.

  3. Lou

    She doesn’t sound proud at all, but rather disgusted and just pointing out how that district operates.

  4. Dem woman is proud of her brainless dem constituents re-electing a thief, con, liar, etc…right on…be proud

  5. What? I thought the question was SHOULD Fattah resign, rather than WILL he resign. The correct conclusion here is that readers believe he SHOULD resign.

  6. 601 readers of politics pa do not know the Congressman in question. He will not resign. You heard it hear first from DelcoDemWoman… And his constituents will reelect him.

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