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Reader Poll: Groen Won’t Be Next Dem Chair

marcel-groenIt doesn’t look like they’ll be any coronation.

Last week, PA Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn announced that he will stepping down at the committee’s next meeting in Gettysburg on Sept. 12th.

Even before Burn’s resignation, Montgomery County Chairman Marcel Groen was viewed as the favorite to take over leadership of the party. In fact, Governor Tom Wolf (who never wanted Burn as Chair in the first place) was already lobbying local politicos to elect Groen a month ago.

As a result, we decided to ask our readers whether they thought the Montco Chair would succeed Burn.

Apparently, they do not.

1,555 respondents believe Groen won’t be the next Chair.

Just 396 readers think he’ll assume the position.

The full results are included below:

Will Marcel Groen Be the Next PA Democratic Party Chairman?

  • No (80%)
  • Yes (20%)

Total Voters: 1,951

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16 Responses

  1. Lawyer Chuck Pascal should be the Commonwealth Chair Chuck has been an active member of the Party Forever VOTE CHUCK PASCAL CHAIR of the PA Democratic Party

  2. It would be more useful to see a straw poll of The 391 than an internet poll of the universe. I will be interested to see if any chair candidate surfaces who is willing to listen to both grassroots Dems in rural counties, and The State Machine.

  3. Montco PA Dem-

    Did Groen change his tune when Dean was proven right and we took back congress in 2006?

    Certainly the HCDD (under previous leadership) has not embraced the strategy of competing everywhere.

    The Dems need a fully committed push to take back the state legislature (or as many seats as possible). Last cycle’s failure to challenge R’s in Dem majority districts was a disgrace.

  4. Groen could not even get all the Votes for Chair when someone ran against him for Chair of Montco this last Election for Chair and The Montco Democrats did not even try for a Vote by acclamation , so then how could Groen Win for State Chair ? Groen left The Bucks County Dems in a Financial mess . Montco only went Democrat because so many Dems moved out of Philly and into Montgomery County , it had nothing to do with Groen’s Leadership .

  5. Well, Republicans and Progressive Democrats. Interesting that you say he’ll have a 67-county approach, because he absolutely hated Howard Dean and his 50-state strategy when Dean was DNC chair. Ranted and raved in front of the Montco exec committee about how Dean was destroying the Democratic party.

  6. Republicans that troll this site should be afraid of Marcel Groen. He worked hard in Mongomery County to change it from Republican to Democrat as Democratic Chairman. Groen has the vision to move the Democratic Party Forward. He truly believes Democrats must be competitive in all 67 counties. If elected Pennsylvania Democratic Chairman Marcel will endeavor to get all counties the resources to be successful. Because of Marcel’s views on supporting all Pennsylvania Counties the Rural Western Chairman should have no fear of Marcel because he is from Eastern Pennsylvania. Groen would be a true asset for Governor Wolf. The only people that should fear Groen are Republicans.

  7. Remember how well they did last year when they “predicted” that Corbett would beat Wolf? All these polls show is which side owns more internet connected devices.

  8. Vote early -vote often
    We have discovered we can vote from our computer, our iPhone, our Ipad, our facebook account.
    So to be honest the vote was our 388 no votes to your 396 yes votes. But thanks again for giving us something to do while we sit around beating up your Governor. Keep up the good work Democrats. Maybe you should check Wolf’s birth certificate. We love that game as well.

  9. Well, DD, given that there are 391 state committee members, we all know that all 1900 people who voted (or those that voted repeatedly) are not.

  10. The gov wants marcel Groen, then it should be marcel Groen. He actually possesses a track record of accomplishment in montco. He deserves it.

  11. We did it! We voted 1,555 times… Against Groen. We know he will be the Democrats Chair come September – but we still had fun voting.

  12. This poll doesn’t mean anything unless it was all Dem State committee members. 🙂

  13. Seriously. All the evidence is that Groen will be the next chair, whether you like him or not. And I do like him.

  14. It’s nice that all of the Republican staffers spent days voting on this survey.

    Is there ever any analysis regarding the percentage of these surveys that end up being correct vs incorrect?

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