Reader Poll: How Will Wolf’s First Year Go?

Tom-Wolf sadTom Wolf is set to assume office today.

The new Governor’s honeymoon will likely be short, however, given the number of issues he must deal with.

We’ve gone into detail examining just what Wolf will have to deal with and considering the magnitude of the tasks ahead it wouldn’t be surprising if his approval ratings suffered.

We thought, though, that the best judgement would come from you, our readers.

Do you think Governor Wolf will have a net positive approval rating one year from today?


Will Governor Wolf have a net positive approval rating one year from now?

  • No (57%)
  • Yes (43%)

Total Voters: 806

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January 20th, 2015 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Governor, Poll, Top Stories | 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Reader Poll: How Will Wolf’s First Year Go?”

  1. Brad Kirsch says:

    Putting this matter in perspective Governor Wolf has been elected to put the administration of this state in order as to several issues. The people have elected an opposite political majority to the legislature. They want a government to trust but also have built in a situation wherein the people want them to cooperate. I assume the people know what they are doing. But, none of us know that the politicians can operate to the good of the citizens who did elect this split government.

    We can only hope that the legislature and our Governor in their “wisdom” realizes that we have elected a mixed government and that we electors want them to solve the p;problems created by past rancor and partisanship. Both parties would benefit by a return of confidences in the ability of the politicians to negotiate and find mutuality in their duty to serve the needs of the people.

    The question you ask is not to my thinking really answerable. It depends on them not us or our psychic abilities to see the future.

    I do suggest that we voters understand any lack of all sides of government being able to properly respect and work around their differences will be our basis for voting in the next election. And the next election is legislative not gubernatorial.

  2. Roger Lund says:

    What I am hoping is the Republican legislature will respect Governor Wolf’s business experience and work with him. Perhaps I am Pollyanna about this, but it will be up to the Republicans to set the tone. I know the Governor will do all he reasonably can to reach across the aisle.

  3. tommyd says:

    Let’s hope Wolf has the smarts and courage to keep the Tea Party Publicans in check.

  4. Jim Pickard says:

    Let’s hope that the legislature shows the guts and courage to keep this version of Obama in check

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