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Reader Poll: If the Election Were Today, Who Would You Vote For in the AG Race?

Rafferty-ShapiroOne of our goals this year is to do periodic updates on statewide election contests.

For example, we asked about the presidential race in both April and July.

Given recent events, it only makes sense to conduct another survey of the Attorney General race.

In the past few hours we’ve found out Kathleen Kane was guilty on all nine counts and will resign.

So we want to know if that changes how our readers feel about this year’s AG contest. Rafferty finished ahead last June in our most popular reader poll ever.

Now it’s once again time to see how things stand.

If the Election Were Today, Who Would You Vote For in the AG Race?

  • John Rafferty (60%)
  • Josh Shapiro (40%)

Total Voters: 1,591

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18 Responses

  1. The final tally

    HaHaHa. Went to jail

    Kathleen Kane is going to jail

    Frank Fina is still laughing his a** off

  2. Diano…..sure show what an astute political person you are in that you would vote for a person who engaged in a conspiracy to have an innocent man, arrested and imprisoned. No wonder everyone thinks you’re a schmuc. Plus, your racist against African Americans.

  3. Full Disclosure regarding Brad Kirsch:

    Chairman Communications Committee, Bucks County Democratic Party, 2002-present
    Elected Member, Bucks County Democratic Committee Executive Board, 1996-present
    Democratic Committeeman, Bucks County Democratic Party, 1994-present
    Candidate, Pennsylvania House of Representatives, District 29, 2008
    Vice Chairman, Warminster Township Democratic Organization, 2004-2007
    School Director/Chair of Finance/Chair of Insurance Cost Containment, Labor Negotiator, Centennial School Board, 1991-1993

  4. Red Shirt-

    The polls on this site are just for the readers to have something to argue about. They have less correlation to actual outcomes than flipping a coin.

  5. It looks like Kathleen Kane will be the first elected PA Attorney General since Leroy Zimmerman not to try to be Governor. I think Josh Shapiro sees the job as a stepping stone to the Governor’s Mansion too.

  6. This poll is not going to be accurate. Shapiro was winning and then like every poll, a thousand votes come in. Rafferty voted in favor of the heinous anti-abortion bill in the PA legislature that targeted women. He’s also endorsed by the NRA and goes to NRA rallies. Like most Republicans, Rafferty has no moral social conscience. In November, he will lose.

  7. You should do a comparison of these polls to the real results in November to see how conservative/liberal your readership is, and whether or not they reflect the electorate.

  8. One correction to my previous comment I listed corruption in Philadelphia when we know there are various and bipartisan corruptions in both business and government in many parts of Pennsylvania.

    EDITOR: can you put in a correction button?

  9. The fact is that the AG office was a hotbed of political hostility and rancor under most of our previous AG’s wherein the party in power went after opposite party politicians to make their case for higher office.

    Kane went in with good intentions and kept existing personal with the belief that the employees were misdirected. The retained employees kept up political investigations. She then had to fire and get rid of some she considered responsible for past practices. They were undercutting her authority. What she did was done in anger instead of in a simple way and she got personal.

    To my mind this doesn’t reflect on either candidate in this race.

    I fear that if we elect Mr. Rafferty he will continue to employ some bad actors who have been acting for years in a way that ignores the other problems of corruption in Philadelphia and the office will continue to be a political plum instead of an operational department that will concentrate on varied interests. (IE: Most of us senior ordinaries out here are getting increasing numbers of phony calls daily despite registering on the no-call list and I haven’t seen anything done.)

    I know Josh Shapiro and have witnessed him perform near miracles in administering his elective offices, his ability to get along with others (such as the time when democrats should have had a legislative leader from their party and he was fair enough to get a worthy republican elected to move legislation forward.)

    Thus, I believe he is non-partisan and an able administrator in a department that has some good lawyers left and he has enough sense to hire competent employees. The man has actually been the leader of Montgomery County and that County has prospered under his administration.

    So, please lets get over the partisan stuff about KANE and stop propagandizing using her as reference.

    If someone wants to vote for Josh’s opponent fine! My view is that our political system is under great stress and it is time to cut the nasty stuff between commenters looking for attention and discuss what is lacking in the AG’s offices performance for the people for the last several administrations and move on.

  10. I know and have worked with (or tried in Shapiro’s case) both of these individuals. The difference between Sen. John Rafferty and Josh Shapiro is stark and clear.
    On Accountability of government and rights Rafferty completely dominates that area!
    Truthfulness? Rafferty completely wins this argument too!
    IF we do not want a repeat of the Kathleen Kane debacle then voting John Rafferty for Attorney General is the ‘only’ way to move forward for Pennsylvania!

  11. David Diano, where are you from? Scranton? Those idiots will always vote for criminals as long as they have a D behind their name. Remember the jailbird Bob Mellow? You probably would have voted for him, too. SMH

  12. I think for John Rafferty will win this thing and get things done with Democratic Governor Tom Wolf and Democratic Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack is to get things back into the right track.

  13. After 4 years of chaos that was entirely predictable based on Kane’s inexperience, why in God’s name would we elect Shapiro, who has never practiced law in any way that is relevant to the AG’s Office? Add to that the string of corruption in the Democratic Party. ARE YOU SERIOUS? VOTE RAFFERTY.

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    Total Voters: 112

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