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Reader Poll: Is Tom Smith for Real?

Republican Tom Smith trailed Sen. Bob Casey by double digits for months. Now polls show the gap narrowing. What do you think? Could Smith unseat Casey?

Does the NYC Verdict Make You More or Less Likely to Vote For Trump in 2024?

  • Less Likely (36%)
  • More Likely (34%)
  • Makes No Difference (30%)

Total Voters: 112

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21 Responses

  1. I’m sure someone will come along and comment on my extra “d” in ad which I intended for advertisement of course.
    Go ahead.

  2. I would like to thank Casey Jr. for running an add highlighting Tom Smith’s Tea Party credentials.
    Hope you enjoy your early retirement from political life Jr.

  3. @Terry Ray
    A real man doesn’t QUIT when he gives his WORD of oath. With that said you are not a REAL MAN. I still did not see an apology.

  4. John P. I’ve always felt that a real man stands up before a crowd and speaks his mind. He doesn’t hide behind a mask and shout things from a dark corner. Thus, I post my comments under my full name. Are you enough of a man to take off your mask and come out of your dark corner and have the courage of your own commitments? I doubt it. Thus, there are in this world, men and men-children.

  5. @Molly
    You are as mad as he is trying to defend his comments. You Right Winger’s will defend anyone with an R my their name.

  6. Bob Casey inherited his dad’s union machine which has relentlessly driven up cost of government for The Forgotten Taxpayer. Tom Smith Tax Maker; Bob “Barack” Casey Tax Taker.

  7. John P., Terry Ray didn’t call Casey a drink, he said “to occupy a seat, eat and get drunk on K Street, and draw a big paycheck for having the right name.”
    Getting drunk and being a drunk are not the same thing in my book.

  8. @ Terry Ray
    There is something wrong with you when you call a US Senator a drunk. You should apologize for what you said. That is what’s wrong with your Republican Party no RESPECT. It’s ok to speak about someone’s record but to call him a drunk YOU ARE OUT OF LINE. You are still the one that QUIT the Indiana School board because you took your ball and went home. You are disgusting.

  9. Tom Smith’s record has even impressed my strong Democratic sister-in-law, a resident of Scranton, Casey’s hometown. She’s voting for “my guy” (Tom) because they in Scranton cannot get Casey to listen to them anymore. What more can I say!! Tom is genuine and a real hard worker with principles and a spirit to keep American FREE from those who want to continue to exploit our country and the taxpayer.

  10. Casey is simply a typical “family name” politician who has no real purpose in being a senator except to occupy a seat, eat and get drunk on K Street, and draw a big paycheck for having the right name. Tom is a real man who worked for everything he ever got and knows exactly why he’s going to Washington – to help save the country. It’s so obvious that Tom is a great man and Casey is a lazy “man-child” that I really wonder why any sane person would support Casey.

  11. I’ve known Tom for over 40 years He is definetly the real deal. He has always been a staunch conservative, a hard worker, as strait as they come, and, and honest honorable man. He.s got my clan’s votes.

  12. Not only is Tom Smith for real, he is one of the hardest working men I have ever met. He knows how t make things happen. He does not play games. He is exactly what he says he is and very dependable. If you get an opportunity to be with him a few minutes, you will know that he is for real!

  13. Joe:

    You need to get your story sraight before going on the internet and making a fool of yourself

  14. Tom Smith is the real deal! He has worked hard his entire life! He knows what it’s like to come home covered with coal dust or dirt from the farm on his clothes. Take a look at his hands! Those are the hands of a laborer. He has built a good life for his family and anyone who has a problem with a self made man is filled with envy and hate.

  15. I drove from Stroudsburg to Williamsport yesterday and saw hundreds of signs for Smith, but not a single sign for Casey

  16. Tom Smith is not self made!!!! He was a Union Miner till he inhereted his family land which he liquidated to buy his company , then make it non union!!!

  17. Tom Smith is indeed the real deal. He’s a self-made, prosperous man who has been successful in the private sector. He’s a family man who is not afraid to be spiritual. He is working harder than any candidate I have ever seen, and he wants to do the job, not just hold the office as the current senator does. We are working hard in SE PA to break the assumptive Democrat hold on our area and if anyone can close the deal on November 6, it is Tom Smith.

  18. After one-term Toomey, PA will never elect another right-wing, Tea Party Puppet. Say goodnight Mr. Smith.

  19. Tom Smith is absolutely serious. He has some of the most dedicated volunteers in the country right now and is well on his way to victory.

  • Does the NYC Verdict Make You More or Less Likely to Vote For Trump in 2024?

    • Less Likely (36%)
    • More Likely (34%)
    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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