Reader Poll: Is Your Mind Already Made Up?

Voting-boothLabor Day has come and gone, so now according to tradition, the fall election season will officially begin.

In 2014, though, it’s worth asking whether the old Labor Day marker really means anything at all anymore.

With a 24/7 news cycle and a “permanent campaign” mindset prevalent throughout the nation, it seems worth asking whether the fall campaign and all it includes (debates, TV attack ads and massive get-out-the-vote efforts) really matters at all.

Therefore, we decided to ask you our dear readers, whether you’ve already decided who to vote for in the major electoral contests. For our purposes, we’ll classify major elections as the races for Governor, Congress, State Senate (where it applies) and State Representative.

So, have you already decided who you’re going to vote for in the major elections this year?

Have you already decided which candidates you're going to vote for this year?

  • Yes (95%)
  • No (5%)

Total Voters: 713

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6 Responses

  1. As I travel the State I hear from many people who aren’t democrats that they don’t like Corporate Corbett!

    The present polls show over 55% to 25% agains Mr. Corbett!

    If the Democrats actually vote Mr. Corbett can retire to his out of state home and PA can again invest in its people from the revenue from a properly controlled and monitored gas industry.

  2. Mind has been made up since I became a critical thinker post-college . . . Dems are bad for the economy, and make their political living using other people’s money to build a base. Republicans, on the other hand, understand that the economy grows when taxes are limited and businesses are given incentives to invest . . . when the market/employee’s skill set determines a fair wage . . . and that Pennsylvanian’s, if not given the easy way out through ‘hand-outs’ will take a helping ‘hand up’ and earn their living rather on relying on the public dole paid for with your tax dollars and mine.

    Easy vote for me to cast each and every spring and November . . . vote Republican, the party of responsibility and self determination–Corbett-Cawley the only responsible vote!

  3. This question should be a no- brainer!!

    The time has come to replace a dysfunctional Governor, A dysfunctional PA Senate and a Dysfunctional PA House. The Republican majority in the PA Senate and PA House must go, for we have seen what they can do, they make things worse!

    Just how bad and dysfunctional is the Republican majority in the PA Senate and House? The Republican majority, in the PA Senate and PA House, voted for the 2014-2015 State Budget, which was so bad that it took the Governor ten (10) days to sign it, and then only after doing a line-item-veto, which cut out Senate and House spending for themselves, after they again cut funding for education, which resulted in local school districts having to raise local property tax.

    Yep, time for a major change in Harrisburg.

  4. My mind has been made up since April. Im voting for Tom Wolf and Mike Stack, and Micheal Muha for state senate

  • Will Doug Mastriano Run For U.S. Senate?

    • No. Not Enough Support From Mainstream GOP. (91%)
    • Yes. Let Doug Be Doug. (9%)

    Total Voters: 892

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