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Reader Poll: Joe Torsella or Otto Voit?

pa-treasuryGiven all the high-profile national and state races, you could be forgiven for forgetting the State Treasurer’s contest.

Back in July, we tested these two candidates and GOP nominee Otto Voit ran away with it.

We plan to periodically survey our readers to see how they’ll vote in the general election match-up between Voit and Democratic nominee Joe Torsella.

Can Torsella avenge his summer loss or will Voit win this poll too?

We leave it up to you dear readers.

If the Election Was Today, Who Would You Vote For in the State Treasurer Race?

  • Otto Voit (56%)
  • Joe Torsella (44%)

Total Voters: 1,030

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23 Responses

  1. Why would Wolf not win the dem nomination for governor in 2018 you idiot. He will then also lose in the general. Scott Wagner 2018

  2. The real question is who wins the dem primary for governor in 2018-Shapiro vs Torsella will split the big money in the SE. Maybe DePasquale has a shot after all. He made a huge mistake supporting Shapiro over zappala.

  3. One thing for sure more people voting on this site are republicans. Joe will win with double digits. Who is Otto?

  4. These aren’t the only 2 guys running. James Babb is the Libertarian candidate, and Kristin Combs is the Green candidate. Any poll that doesn’t include all candidates can only produce skewed results. Are the authors of these polls willfully ignorant as to the existence of 3rd parties? If so, then I must question the legitimacy of this site as a source of political discourse.

  5. One only has to look at Joe’s record to understand he is the most qualified and competent public servant in this race.

    We live In a time when we must put trust in government as our objective to make progress, I will not join in casting aspersions on Otto to prove Joe’s competency is to look objectively to the facts.

    Saying that this one did this by rumor and innuendo outlines why snap polls and partisan sell jobs are bad. We must in a simple a way stop pretending a lack of substance as a method for obscuring the true nature and depth of those who much watch our real investments.

    In most of the comments I see we don’t talk about the actual job qualifications but lean on jargon and/or phony idealism instead of focusing on getting government to function correctly by measuring the actual experience and depth of our candidates.

    As a former business manager I am sure my investors/owners/and customers would be mortified by the pretentious lack of substance some put forth for hiring people to major positions that handle much of our tax money and investment accounts.

  6. I’ve worked with Otto for years. He is smart, level-headed and kind. He is a veteran. He supports education, not only as an elected board member but in other important capacities; all without pay because he is civic-minded. This is the kind of public servant you want.

  7. These polls are as big a joke as the snap polls which Trump claimed as indicative as his winning the first debate.

  8. Wow the republicans are hard at work talking up mr.voit,I see they been voting lol.your only good as the people you hang around unfortunately,mr.voit hangs out with trumpittsburgh, and it will cost him the election.

  9. Otto Voit is not a far right nut job. He just is a far right nut job. But if we say it enough, it’s not true.

  10. Otto Voit should wear a helmet with a spike on the top, campaign in a zeppelin, and goose step to the podium.

  11. When Joe Torsella was Chairman of the Pa State Board of Education he was responsible for bringing common Core to Pennsylvania. I have talked to several members of different school boards and they have all said that is a total disaster. What other disastrous things would he bring to the State Treasurer’s office? And I’m certainly not going to vote for someone (Joe) who supports the Philly Soda Tax. I should be able to drink as much diet coke as I want.

  12. Otto Voit is definitely qualified for this office. I don’t know too much about this Torsella character.

  13. Otto has the highest level of integrity of anyone running in this election. I would trust him as the treasurer of Pa anyday. He brings a lot of business experience to the position and wont play political “games”. I like his idea of transparancy so we as taxpayers can see where our hard earned money is being spent.

  14. Otto Voit is not a far-right nutjob. He has many years experience in the business world, which will be really helpful in the treasurer’s office. I’m going to see if I can find that video because I don’t believe it. Otto has been working really hard trying to get his message across the state. He has some great ideas to get the state of PA more accountable in their business and money dealings.

  15. Latest fm poll shows clinton by 9.she wins so does torsella.voit needs to distance himself from trump or he will lose.

  16. OTTO Has been doing a great job taking his message across the state. He has my vote.

  17. You forgot to mention that Otto hasn’t dated Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, and Jennifer Flowers.

  18. He’s not just a big Trump supporter – though he is: he was one of the first PA Republicans to endorse the guy – he’s a far-right nutjob who believes that Obama and Hillary Clinton are leading a socialist conspiracy to consolidate the planet under UN rule. I’m not even joking; he actually said that and there’s video of it online. This guy’s hitting the crazy juice pretty hard.

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    • Less Likely (36%)
    • More Likely (34%)
    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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