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Reader Poll: Kane Had the Worst 2015

Kane-sadThe new year is nearly upon us.

As a result, we wanted to take a look back at those PA politicos who didn’t have the happiest 2015. We left the question up to our readers, though, when it came to who had the worst year of them all.

669 readers, nearly two-thirds of the total vote, went with Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

House Speaker Mike Turzai took second place (136) while Governor Tom Wolf followed close behind (119).

Finally, 59 respondents went with Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski and 52 readers thought PA Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin had the worst year.

The full results are included below:

Which Elected Official Had the Worst 2015?

  • Kathleen Kane (65%)
  • Mike Turzai (13%)
  • Tom Wolf (11%)
  • Ed Pawlowski (6%)
  • Michael Eakin (5%)

Total Voters: 1,035

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64 Responses

  1. NOW should have their nonprofit pulled. They only care to attack Republicans. Totally partisan organization which doesn’t care if these emails are passed between Kane and her sister or if one of them distributes this stuff.

  2. Seth Williams still ignoring these facts:

    Three public servants, charged with one of the most important jobs in our society, have broken the public’s trust in a shameful way. Prosecutors Frank Fina, Marc Costanzo & Patrick Blessington sent, viewed and disseminated emails that devalued, demeaned and ridiculed women, members of the LGBT community and people of color, all within the walls of the Attorney General of Pennsylvania’s Office. The emails depicted women in compromising x-rated situations, caricatured images of African American babies, and mocked gay men. Yet, for all of this, they were hired as top prosecutors by Philadelphia’s District Attorney (DA) Seth Williams. DA Williams decided not to have them suffer any consequences for this gross betrayal of public trust. Instead, they underwent office-wide “sensitivity” training which did not address their deep rooted biases against women and minorities.

    Please join the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and all of the Philadelphia Councilwomen in asking DA Seth Williams to remove Assistant DAs Frank Fina, Marc Costanzo & Patrick Blessington from the DA’s office. There is no room for hatred in the halls of justice.

    Public trust is further eroded by the fact there is a widespread, private relationship between prosecutors in both criminal and civil matters and the judges they appear before in those cases since these emails were traded with a wide swath of people, including judges. This is a compromise of the judiciary by members of the executive branch; a violation of the doctrine of separation of powers. These men continue to have active prosecutorial roles. What’s worse, there have been reports in the press that two of the three prosecutors involved in the email scandal have been accused of exclusively targeting African American politicians in corruption scandals, even though several other politicians were implicated. Their focus on finding suspects of a certain race and ignoring the misdeeds of others is reflected in the emails they shared amongst themselves, which depict African Americans as criminals and thugs.

    It is time for decent people in Philadelphia, and around the States, to demand more from our justice system. All around our country, we are seeing a miscarriage of justice. Time and again, crimes are being perpetrated by holders of public office, and the sole “punishments” they receive are gentle reprimands, or slaps on the wrist. When negative actions do not receive true negative consequences, it tells others in power that breaking the law or abusing their office is no big deal. A justice system that condones or ignores the actions of employees who victimize large segments of our population is no justice system at all.

    The Women of City Council of Philadelphia are standing with Phila-NOW and demanding the removal of these three prosecutors from the Philadelphia DA’s Office. We ask all of you to sign our petition to remove Assistant DA’s Frank Fina, Marc Costanzo & Patrick Blessington from the DA’s office, so public trust can be restored.

  3. Well, that’s one vote for all Republicans.

    Hahaha, I remember when you and your selves first showed up. And, I will forget you when you go.

    You’re not the first to fall apart and howl under scrutiny.

    1 email to back up your claims…that’s all…still waiting.

  4. Big Moola, are you forgetting about historic expansions of majorities in both the House and Senate? And how about the parade of corrupt Democrats: McCord, Pawlowski, Philly Dems taking cash, Senator Washington, Kathleen Kane, etc.

  5. Id say the Republicans had the worst 2015.

    They lost the Governor control of 2 State Courts !!!
    All while they continued to assassinate Democrat after Democrat.

  6. I guess I should say that I do not KNOWINGLY feed trolls. I guess you can always change your screen-name again to get a response. That’s up to you, pathetic troll-boy.

  7. LOL … Another Trump supporter!! He hopes no one reads this site b/c he knows his boss gets EXPOSED here. They keep pretending this is all going to disappear and that the CLOWN CAR can go back to business as usual. LMAO … Not gonna happen. the gig is up. It’s over. Kane will be a One-term_kathy … like the moron before her was One-term-Tommy.

    But – Kane has already succeeded in ripping down some powerful Repervlican scum-bags (including One-term-Tommy). Can’t wait til the Repervlicans learn that Wolf has no intention on helping them “get rid” of Kane.

    Popcorn will be ready!!

  8. Pat – You were certainly correct. He is a pathetic troll looking for attention from men on the internet. I will add him to the list !!

  9. Still waiting for you to validate your existence by producing just one email in response to either challenge.

  10. Sy Snyder has been notified. Below was an example given:

    HaHaHa says:
    December 30, 2015 at 2:01 pm
    But Pat Unger, you post as HaHaHa and aaron and …. you get the point, douchebag.

  11. LOL … All the trolls comments are getting deleted on the other article (2015 Up and Down Arrows) … This article will be next.

  12. Sorry, Unsanctioned R. I have to ignore you now (just in case I am right).

    Because – you know the rule: DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

  13. Now the pathetic troll is using “Unsanctioned R” as well. So sad … … So pathetic … … …

  14. Kane should be proud???

    Kane didn’t lift a finger regarding the emails other than to use them as blackmail FOR YEARS while in office. It wasn’t until she needed leverage for her self inflicted crimes that she started to drip them out against her enemies–not even acknowledging her sister’s involvement…or her own l o n g knowledge of them.

    I know she’s a Democrat and it hurts to see her fall, but still, did she have to commit crimes to out this bad, non-criminal behavior? Nope, she could have done it in 2013, 2014, …but, no, she just saves her own skin, even finally throwing her sister under the bus.

    It’s all about Kathleen. She’s done whatever it takes to hurt her perceived enemies. Rendell was right.

    And let’s stop pretending that all emails are created equal. You indict Eakin, you’re indicting a lot of regular people who have a sarcastic sense of humor who have sent this stuff themselves. Are you saying all these regular people can’t not be racist/sexist?

    Admittedly, I have not reviewed Eakin’s sent emails first hand, but can you honestly produce one that says this person has done a tenth the damage of one desperate and vindictive AG who’s M.O. Is to silence witnesses with blackmail and whistle-blower firings?

  15. Blake – I don’t think Kane is going to resign – and I don’t blame her. Her sister should consider doing so, though.

    Eakin is a “good ol’ bigot.” They are getting exposed left and right. He has brought shame upon the Supreme Court. Kane should be proud that she has exposed people like Eakin and Fina.

    And – let’s face it – Seth Williams had this coming. He should have known better than to hire racists, misogynists and sexists – even if he himself admits to being a “recovering” sexist and misogynist. Anyone know what he meant by that?

  16. Looking at the troll-like comment below, I am coming to the conclusion that “Rollo” is the same pathetic troll that comments under many other names.

    Ha3 – take note. No more substantive responses to comments by “Rollo.” BTW – you are dead on correct about the handling of Sandusky. Those creeps let him remain a free man for way too long. A monkey could have (and ultimately did) won the criminal trial. The handling of the investigation – and of the victims (who they put through hell) – was embarrassing.

    But not as embarrassing as the legislative sting case – where Fina unjustly let his lawyer’s other client keep the $400K he stole from a non-profit set up to help children and then used him to improperly target Blacks.

    Anyone asking Williams or Fina about their relationships with this lawyer? After all – Fina is now using the same lawyer (the one that “convinced” him to drop all charges against Ali) in his $$$-driven lawsuit against the State of PA (AG’s Office).

    That same lawyer’s wife was just given a high-salaried job by Seth Williams. What’s the deal? Why is no one in the media asking the tough questions?

  17. Rollo – Sandusky was guilty when Corbett/Fina got a statement from the first victim. Then – they let him rape kids for another 30-something months while they swapped racist e-mails and disturbing porn.

    That monster should have been arrested as soon as that first victim came forward. Instead – the guy who was the recipient of a ton of $$$ from Sansusky’s charity (Corbett) dragged his feet. The Independent Investigator found inexplicable delays in the Sandusky investigation.

    You don’t have to believe me re: Fina’s “role” in mis-handling the Sandusky investigation. Just read Aaron Fisher’s book. He is VERY critical of Fina – and who could blame him. (Fisher is one of Sandusky’s victims).

    Fina seems more worried about press clippings than he does about the safety of children. We know what he thinks of Blacks too — that they would attack a man (a white man, of course) for the fried chicken he is carrying.

    BTW – I agree that Paterno covered up. Shame on him.

  18. In my mind – everyone involved in the circular firing squad has had a terrible 2015. Fina was always on a path to getting indicted. He is a creep that finally got exposed as such in 2015. Kane was a train-wreck almost from the start. Seth Williams, on the other hand, had a bright future, the media in his pocket, and the strong Philly voting base behind him.

    That is all gone now. He is persona non grata in Philadelphia now, thanks to his affinity for porn-loving racist Frank Fina. His political career has unraveled totally in 2015. Thanks to Fina, Williams was reduced to begging a criminal defendant to accept a plea deal. There is one sting defendant left. Wonder how Williams is going to avoid that one going to Court. He already has agreed to no punishment, keeping pensions, and expunged records for other defendants.

    Female voters are not going to forget Fina’s “Motivational Posters” and Black voters are not going to forget Fina’s Kentucky Fried Chicken e-mails. Williams made his bed. He aligned himself with scum. And 2015 blew up in his face because of it.

  19. Please produce one (1) email sent from a union employee who was “disciplined” like the non-union employees who had their emails publicly released.

  20. It has been widely reported that Kane has turned over ALL the e-mails (including her sister’s) to the Independent Prosecutor. None are safe. All will be scrutinized … as they should be.

    Next …

  21. And still Kane selectively releases emails to suit her own selfish motives. How many did she threaten (is she threatening) with their existence? We already know she’s fired and intimidated witnesses against her in the AG’s office.

  22. Yes – PA does seem sick of the corruption. There are over 1,500 signatures on the NOW petition (their goal was 1,000). The “GET RID OF FINA” poll result was an overwhelming “Yes.” And now Eakin is on his way out too. Luckily – the other snakes got exposed too (Del Sole, Graci, Saylor).

    Wonder when the new-and-improved Supreme Court will reinstate AG Kane’s temporarily suspended law license.

    Even the poll about the end-around the Senate is trying to run came up aces for Kane. An overwhelming majority has figured out what the Repervlicans are trying to do.

    Meanwhile – AG Kane just keeps repeating: PROVE IT IN COURT OR SHUT UP

  23. Learn to read. If KK had her way, those pols would still be up to their tricks. She messed with the wrong electorate. #SickOfTheCorruption

  24. Uneducated R — Kane is not from Philly. She doesn’t live in Philly. And she doesn’t work in Philly.

    Nice try, though. She is the duly elected Attorney General of PA; and she is STILL STANDING.

  25. You have more fingers than there are people who mourn the loss of corrupt Philly politicians, and Kathleen Kane is one.

  26. Unsanctioned R-

    Sounds like her sister was a confidential informant. Fina let Ali get away with stealing $400K.

  27. I’m still wondering how many shakedowns there were that leveraged the emails KK had been receiving from her sister since 2009, before Fina, et al said, “No.”

  28. Observer — Sucky is just the same pathetic troll using yet another screen name. Best to NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

    There is something fishy about that web of relationships. Think about it — of all the people that could be hired to a NEWLY CREATED POSITION. It just so happens to be Fina’s lawyer’s wife. And Fina’s lawyer just so happens to be Tyron Ali’s lawyer? And it just so happens that Fina gave his lawyer’s other client an “unjust” plea deal and let him keep the $400,000.00 he stole from us (and other PA taxpayers)??

    Nope … This ain’t a coincidence. And someone needs to question the further use of City monies on Fina, his pals, and his lawyer’s wife. It would be one thing if this new “General Counsel” was qualified for the job. But she’s not. It is highly irregular for an attorney off the street to walk into a high-paying job like that.

  29. Observer, you might notice that “Fina” is mentioned in every paragraph by numbnuts HaHaHa. Also, the wife of the lawyer of somebody else? What if it were Fina’s cousin’s neihbor’s ex-girlfriend? How far out do you stretch your irrational fear of Frank Fina? All the way to Pedo State University?

  30. Mr. Sucks – Do you do so a lot?

    Also – Ha3 seems to be talking about Williams, Levant, and Levant’s wife (Kathleen Martin); not Fina.

    You have anything of substance to add on Seth Williams using taxpayer dollars to hire the wife of the lawyer suing the AG’s Office?

  31. Everyone with a brain overwhelmingly votes that Kane had a bad year and — WHAT A SUPRISE — HaHaHa shows up talking about Frank Fina. What a douche.

  32. Frank Fina and Seth Williams (now seemingly joined at the hip) had a pretty bad year.

    And the story about Williams hiring Fina’s lawyer’s wife to a high-paid position for which she is wholly unqualified for hasn’t even really taken off yet.

    Kathy martin – the new “Chief of Staff” and “Chief Integrity Officer” at the DA’s Office walked off the street into that position (newly created by DA Williams). Did she interview with the HR folks? Was she vetted by the Hiring Committee?

    We don’t know/ But we do know that her husband and she stand to benefit from Fina’s $$$-driven lawsuit against the AG’s Office.

    We also know that Fina’s lawyer is also Tyron Ali’s lawyer. That means that this lawyer (Kathy Martin’s husband) got his one client (Fina) to drop all the charges agains his other client (Ali) and got his one client to let his other client keep the $400,000.00 he stole from the taxpayers of PA.

    Ali is the “cooperator” in the legislative sting case – the one that “improperly” targeted Blacks. In that case, Ali was given an “unjust” deal by Fina.

    Those are not my words. Bruce Beemer, the top deputy at the AG’s Office who just testified AGAINST Kane, used those words. He said that Fina’s deal with Ali was “unjust.” And – now we know they have the same attorney.

    And now that attorney’s wife works for Seth Williams and is commenting publicly on the sting case, Fina, and the Attorney General’s Office.

    Doesn’t seem right. When is a journalist going todo his/her job and look into this???

  33. No, it was not the politicians who had the worst year. They got paid for doing nothing. It was the people of PA who had the worst year, suffering through deadwood legislators and a corrupt judicial system.

  • Understanding that basic education funding should/will be first, what should be the next highest priority for the General Assembly?

    • Raising The Minimum Wage (25%)
    • Legalizing Adult-Use Marijuana (24%)
    • None of the above. Something Else. (20%)
    • Economic Development (14%)
    • Higher Education (8%)
    • Public Transportation (8%)
    • Workforce Opportunities and Innovation (2%)

    Total Voters: 51

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