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Reader Poll: Kane Should’ve Had Law License Suspended

Kane-sadLast week, the State Supreme Court suspended the law license of Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

There was some controversy over whether this would force her expulsion from office but the Court shot that possibility down.

Nevertheless, it was a bold move by the judiciary and we decided to survey our readers to see if they felt it was the right call.

346 respondents approved of the suspension.

On the other hand, 237 readers disapproved of the Court’s action against Kane.

The full results are included below:

Do You Approve of the PA Supreme Court Suspending Kathleen Kane’s Law License?

  • Yes (59%)
  • No (41%)

Total Voters: 583

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18 Responses

  1. sklaroff – I understand your question and choose not to answer it. Not b/c I don’t have an opinion, but because I have seen you “converse” with others It’s scary. Good day, sir.

  2. @ Ha3:

    Don’t you think it’s possible that a conjoint effort of the legislature and the governor could yield her removal prior to her trial?

  3. Hey … Morons … You know who you are … The ones that typed “it’s over” …. or “she’s out” …. Where are you now?

    AG Kane is STILL STANDING. And her trial date will be here before you know it. POPCORN will be ready …. especially for Mr. Fina’s testimony.

    Speaking of Fina – when is the steaming pile of dung (sting) case listed for trial?

  4. 20,000,000 OAG emails destroyed by the acting Attorney General in early 2011. Obstruction of Justice? Destruction of Evidence?

    Total silence on the issue.

  5. 16 politically connected people were caught in a huge gambling scheme in McKeesport & Kane let them all walk . Corrupt Mob Valley Democrats – it’s the Pittsburgh way of politics . No wonder the whole valley is Section 8 & Welfare – it’s the only way our politicians can remain in office – State & Gov’t. handouts .

  6. gulag – don’t hold your breath.

    Nothing is perfect … but it is pretty pleasing that Kane has managed to get the truth out about at least some of the racist creep pigs that masquerade as prosecutors in this State.

    The following is what Fina finds funny and worthy of distribution to his white male “buddies” —

    I am still dumbfounded by a black man’s (Seth Williams) decision to continue to employ creeps like Fina.

  7. 41% disagreement with the PA Supreme Ct suspension of Kane’s law license says more about the public’s negative view of the Court prejudging without a hearing.

    Please run a poll about how many people want Fina stripped of his law license (and job).

  8. Wow — 41% now support Kane. That’s remarkable. And a testament to the common sense of the people of PA.

  9. rsklaroff-

    1) I didn’t realize that a poll was a substitute for poor legal decisions.

    2) If the poll was the other way, you would not be calling for reinstating Kane’s license.

    3) If 41% of a jury doesn’t vote to convict Kane, she goes free.

  10. @ DD & Ha3:

    Polling results suggest your conjoint-efforts at suasion on this website have failed miserably.

  11. I beg to differ – any Penn State Alumni or fan knows who Fina and Costanzo are. If you get the Penn Stater Magazine you will see how many Alumni their are.

  12. The buck stops with kane. 99% of people have never heard of fina and constanzo. Kane is an elected official who has brought disgrace to the AGS office. Period. End of story.

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