Reader Poll: Kane Still Has Her Supporters

Kathleen-Kane-portrait1Kathleen Kane is in the midst of a myriad of problems.

Nonetheless, thousands of our readers think that she will be re-nominated.

2,510 respondents chose Kane as the likely Democratic nominee for Attorney General.

665 readers went with Josh Shapiro while 419 believe Stephen Zappala will win the primary.

Meanwhile, forty-eight respondents believe John Morganelli will emerge victorious.

Finally, Jack Stollsteimer and Dave Fawcett finished with 21 and 9 votes respectively.

Who Do You Believe Will Be the 2016 Democratic Nominee for Attorney General?

  • Kathleen Kane (68%)
  • Josh Shapiro (18%)
  • Stephen Zappala (11%)
  • John Morganelli (1%)
  • Jack Stollsteimer (1%)
  • Dave Fawcett (0%)

Total Voters: 3,672

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191 Responses

  1. Aaron – Ignore the sad, pathetic troll. He’s coming unglued … again. The other day, he was pretending to be “Brandy.” He’s probably a cross-dresser in real life …

  2. Hi aaron, ahem hahaha, why don’t you use that alias? This article is ancient. Are you afraid of little ol’ me?

    No one is still reading this thread but you and I and you still can’t let it go. I’m testing your self control man, but as it looks, you really oughtta see a doctor…

    Where are you hahaha? LOL

  3. Observer3 is Hahaha. I rebroke his ego today and he’s been riding the waaambulance.

  4. Seems to me that the shills here (like UnSanctioned R) are working for the people trying to execute the playbook discussed below on the duly elected Attorney General of Pennsylvania. Luckily for Kane – the corrupt people behind this operation are being dragged into the light of day. Their playbook isn’t working. But notice that their shills are here talking about new”crimes” allegedly committed? Notice how the Press hasn’t asked Seth Williams any of the tough questions? Notice how no one is taking about the relationship between Fina and Feudale? Castille and Eakin? Fina and Craig McCoy? Bob Levant and Seth Williams? I agree with whoever it was that said this smear campaign against Kane and the subsequent criminal case and license suspension will end up being a bigger corruption case than ABSCAM. The only question now is whether the Republican-led Senate wants to walk into this circular firing squad as well.

    PA Corruption Network’s Playbook

    The similarities between the prosecution of Kathleen Kane and of the PSU 3 [and the legislative sting case] reveal the “playbook” of Pennsylvania’s corruption network.

    The cases of current Pennsylvania Attorney General (AG) Kathleen Kane and that of former Penn State University (PSU) officials (i.e., the PSU 3) are connected by a common thread.

    A group of the Commonwealth’s attorneys, judges, political operatives, and their media accomplices — hereafter referred to as the “network” — used trumped up charges, purposely misinterpreted laws, and oversold highly dubious evidence to convict these individuals in the court of public opinion.

    After examining the timelines and evidence of these cases, it appears that the network has a well defined playbook for taking out its targets and it works like this:

    1. Individuals within the network fear their own heinous acts may be exposed and publicly accuse their opponents of crimes as a means of deflecting attention away from themselves.

    2. The network next co-opts individuals close to the target(s) –insiders — to assist in setting up the target(s) to be charged with perjury and other crimes.

    3. After the insiders have sufficiently undermined the targets (using various means of deception), the network’s attorneys and/or judges leak damaging information about the targets to the media.

    4. The media arm of the network uses the information in an attempt to compromise the targets or to promote guilt by association in the press.

    5. At the conclusion of this “framing,” that was mislabeled as a criminal investigation, attorneys go public with charging documents that allege crimes based on misinterpretations of the laws and that are chocked full of questionable testimony from unreliable witnesses, completely illogical scenarios, and dubious evidence. Perjury charges are standard in order to publicly smear the defendants as being dishonest individuals while attempting to pump up the veracity of the Commonwealth’s lousy witnesses (who would be eviscerated at an actual trial).

    6. The media accomplices ignore the illegal application of relevant laws, that the charging documents are illogical, the lousy witnesses, and the highly questionable evidence in order to continue treating the allegations as facts and even go as far as to allege the target committed crimes for which he or she has not been charged.

    7. The public falls for the deception and believes the targets are guilty of everything and are corrupt individuals — whether they have been charged with a crime or not. Citizen activists, public officials, and other groups and individuals — who are beneficiaries of the corrupt network — jump on the media bandwagon to publicly condemn the targets.

    8. Witting and/or unwitting employers recommend the targets be relieved of their duties or actually do so through employment actions — before anything is proven and without conducting a legitimate legal review.

    9. When legal proceedings in the cases reveal the false and questionable testimony put forth in the charging documents and the dubious evidence used in the case, the network’s media arm ignores the information and continues to slant the reports so the public continues to assume the targets are guilty.

    10. The legal issues from the misapplications of the laws result in appeals to the network’s judges, who refused to rule on simple matters and keep the trials on permanent hold.

    The network’s playbook achieves the goal of protecting its corrupt dealings and/or heinous crimes by never legally proving, but publicly scapegoating the targets in a media firestorm that is high in supposition and light on facts.

    To wit: the grand jury and Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman did not find the evidence to charge AG Kane with directly leaking grand grand jury information in the Mondesire case, but you wouldn’t know that if you just read the news headlines.

    Instead, they charged her with perjury (part of the playbook), lesser crimes, and for orchestrating the leaks, the latter of which Ferman and others know can’t be proven.
    Then again, the network’s playbook doesn’t include actually prosecuting the case.

    In the following weeks, the dubious evidence used in Kane’s case will be exposed, as will the details showing how the network of attorney, judges, and media worked together in an attempt to prevent AG Kathleen Kane from breaking PA’s chain of corruption.

  5. You’d think if everyone wanted to keep Kane quiet they wouldn’t have said anything about her. After all she was doing a great job not releasing anything for years. It wasn’t until someone accused her in court of using the emails for blackmail that we started to see them.

  6. Brandy and Karen — settle down. This should be an easy one for both of you to agree on. Kane was most certainly targeted by Frank Fina.

    Read the accounts of these two women and you can at least agree that Fina is a creep:

    1) Sheilah Novasky

    She met Frank Fina for the first time while she was waiting to testify before a grand jury in the state’s case against DeWeese. She said she sat in a small room with seven men – including Fina.

    Fina repeatedly asked bout two things: How many women on DeWeese’s staff were sleeping with Manzo? And did she know about Frameli’s “breast enhancements”?
    Novasky then went before the grand jury. Fina asked her nothing about breasts or Manzo’s sexual relationships.

    “I think it was for their own amusement,” Novasky said. “There is a line between intimidation and interrogation and they crossed the lines whenever they concentrated on the sexual antics, which had nothing to do with [the case] …”

    2) Melissa Frameli

    Melissa remembers: “Fina was saying that we were exchanging political emails on state time and that it was illegal … It’s pretty sick that they were doing the same thing that they were screaming at us for – and our emails were related to political work, they weren’t degrading toward women or towards men, they weren’t pornographic in nature.”

    She recalled that Fina was fixated on her personal relationship with DeWeese’s chief of staff, Michael Manzo, and whether she had spent her bonus money on a “boob job.” He accused her of “whoring around,” unleashing a string of profanity and “F-bombs,” she said. …

    “He was completely putting me down and saying I was going to get in trouble for sleeping with my boss. Screaming at me, and saying that I used my bonus to get a boob job and that I was a disgrace, basically . . . I felt very degraded by him…”

  7. Sounds just like my Brandy. She loves Trump – (even though she pretends to be Democrat in these chat rooms. She thinks she looks smarter when she pretends to be a D.

    Why don’t you just leave her alone, Troll.

  8. What is wrong with you? How would you know when I am commenting here? Get lost, troll. You are freaking me out now.

  9. Oh – go fuck yourself Karen. Kane needs to go! And you know it!! Trump will send in the National Guard to remove her when he becomes President.

  10. Democrats love Kane. Especially because she used emails for blackmailing instead of exposing what she had received back as far as 2009.

  11. Please, Brandy. You don’t speak for all women. Most of us are proud of what Kane is doing. The people coming after her sent e-mails suggesting that females in the workplace need to perform oral sex on their male bosses. That’s not the type of people we should have as prosecutors and judges.

    There were a couple polls you should look at before you try to speak for everyone. One has 77% of people saying DA Seth Williams should fire Fina and his buddies.

    The other one is right here – where 68% choose Kane over the others in the D primary. There is a reason for this. It’s because people have now soured on the Press driven case against Kane and want to see if there is actually any proof. I have my doubts about the integrity of the case against Kane. It seems vindictive and politically driven.

  12. Don’t think Mr. Ha is apologizing for anything Kane did. In fact – he has said that he has no idea whether she is guilty or not. My understanding is that is what the trial is supposed to be for. His issue seems to be with the system and the people behind those charges. And the trial by Press clippings that seems to be going on. Care to comment on those things, Mr. Hmmmm?

  13. Unsanctioned R – promise ya, not all Democrats are blind to her craziness and unethical & criminal behavior. she makes democrats and women look bad.

  14. “But AG Kane is still standing.” *lol*
    She was cut off at the knees; stripped of her power; she’s about to get booted out of office and placed into a jail cell. Yeah – she is standing tall alright – next to a midget maybe

  15. It’s crazy to watch the comparison of the Attorney General’s actions with others. But, democrats are on damage control.

  16. “Amazing” is a good word, Marie. She is by no means perfect. But, the cadre of creeps and perverts and racists who have lined up against her is a dubiously impressive list. The scum-bags used every trick in the book … every page from their corrupt playbook. But AG Kane is still standing. Not only did she weather their BS criminal charges and vicious smear campaigns, she weathered the attacks of another elected prosecutor – Seth Williams.

    Now, Williams and everyone else who lined up to climb in the Clown Car has serious problems career-wise. They are gasping for air. Begging for their jobs. Avoiding the Press. Filing bogus lawsuits. If they weren’t such creeps, it would almost be sad.

    Meantime – all Kane has to do is keep telling these ayyy-holes:


  17. The more they attack Kane, the stronger she gets. It is amazing.

    68% — hard to believe. Could it be that her attackers are just so unlikable that she benefits from their attacks??

    Not sure if she leaked that document – but I do know that I am now rooting for her. When will the Special Prosecutor be announcing charges, I wonder.

  18. The troll has finally said something sensible. The truth does hurt. It has hurt Fina, Eakin, Seth Williams, Castille, DelSole, and just about everyone else who has stepped inside this circular firing squad.

    And the truth is that Kane was the victim of the “playbook” described at length below. Luckily for her, and reasonable people across the State, the corrupt, racist, women-hating perverts are being dragged into the light of day.

    They are grotesque.

  19. You show up with all your screen names a couple months ago and think you’re fooling any one who’s been here? David’s not fooled. Larry’s not fooled. Montco, Isaac, you name it. We know who the hacks are. Welcome.

  20. No – you are a hack like Larry, Brandy, and Scranton Sucks. In fact – you are the same person. Nice try. Does Fina pay you? He probably doesnt have enough money; Is it Castille? Or is there a group of perverts, racists, and other assholes who have chipped in to pay you?

  21. You’d think there’d be more concern about the crooked AG. Accountability starts at the top, right? Why did she sit for years on these emails? Hmmm

    If Eakin committed crimes like Kane committed crimes then I’d be up in arms about him too. But, I’m not a hack like Hahaha and all his screenames.

  22. Is that true? Did the DA’s Office really hire this Kathy Martin person? Is it really the wife of Ali’s lawyer? And is that lawyer really Fina’s lawyer too? Does Williams think he can get away with it?

    There’s no way that is a coincidence. Williams hires Fina. Kane exposes Fina as a racist. Williams defends Fina. Levant and Fina sue Kane and the State of PA for money. Williams hires Leant’s wife as “Chief of Staff.” No way. Not a coincidence.

  23. It truly is amazing that AG Kane finished at a DOMINANT 68% !!

    Just goes to show that the public has caught on to the tactics of the Clown Car. The smear campaign worked for a while – but now it is backfiring.

    There are many smart observers who see that the Clown Car’s attack on the duly elected Attorney General of Pennsylvania was just an attempt to silence the prosecutor who had the goods on them.

    The individual most responsible for the smear campaign was Frank Fina. He is the person behind the criminal charges in Montgomery County. When he left the AG’s Office, he knew that AG Kane was going to find this on his Government computer:

    He knew that his way-too-cozy relationships with Judges was going to be exposed. His pals (the other Corbett Pervs) knew that they would be humiliated professionally and personally if their vile, perverted, racist e-mails were released. So – they went on the attack with Fina at the helm. Fina said early on (after Kane hired an attorney) that he is a lawyer and therefore didn’t need a lawyer. Now Fina has an attorney too.

    And guess who that attorney is? It’s the same guy that represents con-man Tyron Ali, the “informant’ in the legislative sting case. Yep — the corrupt prosecutor who gave Tyron Ali an “unjust” plea deal (according to Bruce Beemer) has the same lawyer as Ali.

    The same corrupt prosecutor who let Tyron Ali keep $400,000.00 he stole from PA taxpayers has the same lawyer as Ali. That lawyer is behind the money-driven lawsuit against Kane and the State of Pennsylvania. That lawyer’s wife just walked off the street into a high-paying government job with Fina’s new best friend – Seth Williams.

    Kane deserves a medal for exposing these creeps.

  24. This troll may really be a retard!!

    “Your schizophrenic is showing again.”

    LOL. As if he doesn’t know how to spell “schizophrenia.” It is right there on his hospital bracelet.

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