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Reader Poll: Leach Should Not Run For Congress

LeachThe readers have spoken, and a slight majority say that state Senator Daylin Leach (D-Delaware) should not run for Congress next year.  

51% of the 527 respondents said that Leach should stay out of the race, while 49% want him to jump in.  


Should state Senator Daylin Leach run for Congress?

  • No (51%)
  • Yes (49%)

Total Voters: 527

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12 Responses

  1. Interesting article! Thank you for sharing them! I hope you will continue to have similar posts to share with everyone!

  2. David Diano, good work in pointing to the futility of using this poll for anything other than allowing partisan people to voice an opinion about a campaign that most of us don’t have a chance of voting in.

    1. Brad-
      A Dem primary (particularly an expensive one) is a waste of Dem time/talent/resources.

      Whichever knuckle-heads decide to fight for this seats, they are just fighting to see who has the honor of getting their ass kicked by Meehan in Nov 2018.

      Until the redistricting is fixed, this seat is unwinnable by Dems. (Even the “Mighty Joe Sestak” could not take this seat back from Meehan).

      But, if Daylin gets in and there is a primary, over a million will be spent. That million would be BETTER spend pushing (even bribing) the PA legislators to vote for fair redistricting. That’s the only way to make the 7th winnable.

  3. 1) Reader polls don’t mean anything and are stupid
    2) No actual legitimate journalism organization does them
    3) So is politicspa stupid and illegitimate?

    1. if you’re reading politicspa for the “legitimate journalism” you’re in the wrong place buddayyy

  4. If Leach runs, Dan Muroff should get out of the race and give all of his donations back. I heard he was really working the phones to raise money.

  5. That happens to be one of the most gerrymandered districts in PA, that’s why some people don’t even know if they live in the district and some of the potential candidates don’t live in the district.

  6. He should run for congress. Senator Leach run, this is not an accurate poll since I can vote more then once or use different computers and phones to vote. I bet some of the people who voted no, want to keep him as their Senator.

  7. 1) Margin of error on the poll?
    2) I guess 49% of the 527 are planning to run for the 7th.

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