Reader Poll: Majority Against A Wagner Campaign For Governor

Wagner-UpsetTurns out a majority of our readers are against a Scott Wagner campaign for Governor.

Earlier this month, the State Senator volunteered that he was considering a run against Tom Wolf in 2018.

511 readers, however, rejected the idea.

On the other hand, 355 respondents support a Wagner candidacy.

The full results are included below:

Do You Think Scott Wagner Should Run for Governor?

  • No (59%)
  • Yes (41%)

Total Voters: 866

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June 21st, 2016 | Posted in Features, Front Page Stories, Governor, Poll, Top Stories | 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Majority Against A Wagner Campaign For Governor”

  1. Isaac L. says:

    Mr. Crawford – This site was founded by a Republican. It’s hardly a “liberal” site.

  2. Tim says:

    Just another rich guy, who fancies himself the Governor. Boy do these idiots think highly of themselves! In reality, Wagner is just a huckabuck from York County. Maybe the rubes and the hillbillies will vote for him because he likes to use wedge issues to create chaos, without any real thought or debate. A typical PA republican!

  3. JoeGale'sHighPants says:

    Will I still be a commissioner then or will I be working at Wawa?

  4. severely moderate says:

    Wagner is Trump on steroids, but minus several zeroes from the net worth. Only Trump can pull off the Trump schtick. Wolf is very progressive but has an even temperament and no baggage. Wagner could probably only beat a Democrat with high baggage and personally unlikeable, given how politically bi-polar Wagner is (one day bashing Harrisburg the next day golfing with powerbrokers).Republicans should find a candidate with Wolf’s personality but a center-right bent.

  5. Barricks Einwohner says:

    I would not take any in-house poll posted here too seriously.

  6. Jim Crawford says:

    Well this is a Liberal Site what would you expect?

  7. Go says:

    Paging Jim Cawley. Paging Jim Cawley…

    Jim Cawley, please report to the 2018 Campaign for Governor of Pennsylvania…

    Paging Jim Cawley….

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