Reader Poll: Majority Agree With Toomey’s SCOTUS Call

Supreme-CourtOur latest reader poll has some good news for Senator Toomey.

We asked about the Senator’s declaration that he wouldn’t vote for any Supreme Court nominee to fill Justice Scalia’s seat until the next President is sworn in on January 20th, 2017.

2,288 respondents agreed with the Senator’s decision.

1,525 readers disagreed and wanted the vacancy filled.

These results are in contrast to Monday’s PPP poll, which showed 57% of Pennsylvanians believe the seat should be filled this year.

Interestingly, before that story was posted 60% of respondents to our reader poll disagreed with the Senator’s position. That margin flipped shortly afterward with a surge in our reader poll tally.

The full results are included below:

Do You Agree or Disagree With Sen. Toomey’s Belief That Justice Scalia’s Supreme Court Seat Should Be Filled By the Next President?

  • Agree (60%)
  • Disagree (40%)

Total Voters: 3,813

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20 Responses

  1. Initially, when Judiciary Chairman Grassley left open the door to hearings, but Pat did not, I thought Pat was wrong. But now having seen and heard the old Senate speeches by Biden, Obama and Reid, I changed my view. The Democrats politicized these things going back to Haynsworth, Carswell and Bork, so for them to know show up now with “clean hands” is a hypocritical joke. Obama today dismissed these old speeches by saying, “Senators say a lot of stuff”. Obviously, Presidents do as well.

  2. In the history of this great country, there have been 24 election year Supreme Court nominations and 21 were confirmed. This is a dangerous roll of the dice by the Republicans and is helping me make up my mind for election day in a hurry.

  3. Sen. Toomey made a major mistake aligning with Cruz and other right wingers in refusing even to consider any nomination to the Court. He will lose our vote.

  4. These polls say more about the readers than they do about the issues. I often enjoy the commentary after results are posted.

  5. “hahaha”??? Your postings bring some humor to this board-although its scary ti think you may believe what you post. First- 60% of mendid ride dinosaurs- I know I was there! As for Paula dean- I’m not sure about 60 %. But you hit a new low when you take a shot at Cracker Barrel– what do you have against a great food chain–its un-American! Speaking of 60%–that will be the vote against Toomey–who is a dinosaur- stands for little and will not get support from moderates or republicans who are disgusted with his poor performance- speaking of dinosaurs- Toomey seconded McConnell for majority leader-that says it all!

  6. What’s totally amazing is that 60% of the people think these polls by PoliticsPA are an accurate reflection of the views of the voters. It’s easy to get around their safeguards trying to prevent the same person from voting just once. You can attempt to discredit PPP’s poll but I’m pretty sure they didn’t call the same person two, three, or a hundred times.

  7. “Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better, or is this real?”

  8. After that story about 57% of Pennsylvanians believing the seat should be filled got posted, Senator Toomey’s staffers started voting en masse on an internet poll.

  • Who are you voting for in the PA Supreme Court race?

    • Dan McCaffery (61%)
    • Carolyn Carluccio (37%)
    • Still undecided (2%)

    Total Voters: 344

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