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Reader Poll: Majority Disapprove of Seth Williams’ Performance

Seth-WilliamsSome more bad news for Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.

Williams seems to be the latest holder of “the most controversial PA politician” title. As a result, we asked our readers about his job performance to see if that was the case.

Unfortunately for him, 307 readers disapprove of his tenure.

On the other hand, 124 respondents approve.

The full results are included below:

Do You Approve or Disapprove of Seth Williams’ Job Performance?

  • Disapprove (71%)
  • Approve (29%)

Total Voters: 431

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21 Responses

  1. Yep. Fina is a corrupt asshole. We’ve known it at PSU for quite some time. He manufactures facts to fit his agenda. He brow-beats people into saying what he wants. Then he illegally leaks stuff to induce plea deals that will help him avoid Court. The sting case is PERFECT example. He let a con-man get away with stealing over $400K. And then he was forced to give away the farm when the allegedly corrupt politicians didn’t cave in right away. He had his boss, Seth Williams, reduced to begging one of them to take a plea deal. One where she did no jail time, kept her pension and had her record wiped clean at the end of the case.

    Does Seth think we forget the still has Corbett Pervs at the DA’s Office?

  2. It all started when Seth got into bed with Frank Fina and Bob Levant. Seth’s career was going great before that dreadful decision.

    Then he ends up making a D in higher office look bad. He thinks the the truth won’t come out – but it does. He is forced to give way-too-lenient deals in the ridiculous sting case. Then, when everyone in Philly sees the truth about him (that he is a corrupt POS), he hires Harrisburgh Republicans to run his campaign.

    Then he gets paranoid and goes off the rails. Read the PhillyMag article. Seth has come unglued.

  3. When is someone in the Press going to write an article about the curious handling of the Harry Levant criminal case?

    Isn’t it enough that Seth’s Chief of Staff is Harry’s sister-in-law and he got off without any jail time? Wonder if Seth has made sure his lawyer’s brother (yes – Harry Levant is Bob’s brother) has paid back all the $$$ he stole from his clients and insurance companies!!

    What ever happened to transparency?

  4. A United States Attorneys Office led by a Democrat will soon take Seth Williams down. Has Seth been indicted yet?

  5. Seems to me that Seth Williams is going to get either indicted or defeated in May. Never in my life have I seen such poor leadership, bad decisions, and self-serving behavior.

    Whoever is running against him would simply need to point out his own words about nobody getting a free pass juxtaposed over John Dougherty’s big, fat white (smug) face.

    It will be like taking candy from a baby. And if that is not enough, there will be the e-mails of the white perverts and racists that, to this day, he has refused to fire.

    And then the stories of the hard-working career prosecutors who Seth pushed aside because they had the nerve to suggest to Seth that he do the right thing.

    And I’m sure if Sonita (the social worker Seth married and then repeatedly cheated on) had the courage to speak up, he’d really be in a world of hurt. But, in truth, he already is,

    My money is on him getting locked up before he gets voted out.

  6. What difference does Seth make at this point? The Democrat troll is losing it again!!!

  7. of course the pussy is now calling other people “coward” on the internet. he know he the real pussy-ass coward. unsanctioned r voter is owned here now. forever.

  8. Mrs. SpongeBob just hit me up in the DM. She wants a real man again. You better not be at the trailer tonight, Spongie (she said that’s the PERFECT name for you). LOL

  9. Sigh,
    Not me at 3:04. I could care less what happens to Seth Williams, but Kathleen Kane on the other hand is going to look horrible in her orange jumpsuit.

  10. This guy. All broke and corrupt. He better get fitted for that orange jump-suit. B/c the g-men are coming for him!!

  11. Oops. Guess I have been wrong all along. Oh well. I’ll just go yell BENGHAZI on a street corner.

  12. Oh shit. This is bad. Really bad. Who else is going to pay me six figures?!? Everyone knows I am totally unqualified. Nobody likes me here (other than my husband’s clients: Costanzo and Co.).

    Am I getting fired? Or worse — Am I going to prison?!?

  13. Who were the idiots who approved? Ther cannot be that many crooks who got sweetheart deals. Add in the mentally deficient, that still leaves lots of room to fill. Seeing how Trump gets big support in PA, those neanderthals who hate women must be the explanation.

  • Does the NYC Verdict Make You More or Less Likely to Vote For Trump in 2024?

    • Less Likely (36%)
    • More Likely (34%)
    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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