Reader Poll: Majority Disapprove of Wolf Budget

Governor-Wolf4The results are in, the majority of readers disapprove of Governor Tom Wolf’s latest budget proposal.  

56% of the 923 respondents disapproved of the budget proposal, while 44% approved.  

Do you approve of Governor Wolf’s 2017-2018 budget proposal?

  • Disapprove (56%)
  • Approve (44%)

Total Voters: 923

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11 Responses

  1. Deadeye, in Pennsylvania politics you never say never. And it’s not just with the Republicans. Both parties have shown an amazing ability to wear the blinders whenever convenient. And both have told some of the best lies we’ll probably ever hear.

    It will probably get worse. Our politicians find amazing solace in denial of the obvious. And they keep getting elected for it.

    The $74 billion pension obligation is the iceberg. Meanwhle, anything done about the budget or other financial concerns is merely fiddling with another set of deck chairs on the Titanic.

  2. Here’s an idea for a poll:

    Where do you stand on liberal vs conservative scale:

    1= Jill Stein, Bernie, etc

    10 = Hannity, David Duke, etc

    Let’s see what the make-up of the readership is, so we can unskew these polls

  3. Obvious is right. These are BS polls that only cheapen the rest of the content. They are unscientific, silly and make no sense. You cannot make anything intelligent out of them. I really wish you’d stop insulting your readers with this tripe.

  4. Democrats we are far from perfect. Stick together or we Die. That simple. Toomeys a tool. Wagners a psycho. stop giving these republican loons ammunition. McGinty and Clinton were bad candidates but THEYRE GONE. Let’s move on please

  5. Regardless of how readers might have responded to the poll, any properly informed citizen of this state can hardly have any liking for this budget. And even though Wolf and the Wolfies have tried to play nice with the Republicans in the legislature, the budget is unlikely to get through unscathed. It’s not just about a $3 billion shortfall, but it is also about the continuing attempts by the Executive Mansion to reward those who helped vote Wolf into office. There may be blood on the boards before they reach a deal.

    And even if all this can be ironed out in the often bizarre and byzantine way such things are done in Harrisburg when everyone finally feels compelled to actually do something, there is still the elephant–or, shall we say, brontosaurus–in the room, namely the $74 billion in unfunded pension obligations. No one seems to want to talk much about that. They can’t stay in denial forever.

  6. Can someone with a brain, please contact someone at politicspa and tell them that their reader polls mean nothing? And are maybe a useless waste of space?

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    Total Voters: 152

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