Reader Poll: Majority Disapprove of Wolf’s Performance

wolf-sadBetter but still not good.

That’s what our latest reader poll shows.

In February, just 23% approved of the job Governor Wolf is doing. This week, it went up to 40%.

638 readers said they disapproved of Gov. Wolf’s performance.

Meanwhile, 429 respondents approve of the job Wolf’s doing.

The full results are included below:

Do You Approve or Disapprove of Gov. Wolf’s Job Performance?

  • Disapprove (60%)
  • Approve (40%)

Total Voters: 1,067

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11 Responses

  1. Many good points here regarding an ordinary staff advising Gov that doesn’t excite anyone. The problem is that the Republican’s don’t have much to offer and, if that is the case, Wolf wins.

  2. Wolf has surrounded himself with people from his campaign team. This team was good at winning an election. Campaigning and governing are two different things, The inexperience of Wolf’s team shows daily. I am not even sure if the Governor knows what is really going on. I believe this team isolates him from a lot of things he personally should be involved in. 90% of his staff comes from Philiadelphia and cities. They don’t know or care about rural Pennsylvania . In rural counties it’s like Corbett never left. The GOP has worked the rural counties while Wolf has ignored them. Governor must get out of Harrisburg and the cities and visit rural counties listening to people. Wolf to stay on the path with the present incompetent staff will be the second Governor called One Term Tom.

  3. Pennsylvania does not want to continue the failed policies of Barack Obama. They want real change. Pennsylvanians want Donald Trump. The Silent Majority is awakening.

  4. Wow, 429 respondents. What a sample. That should be a credible poll in the Keystone State. Wolf’s major problem is that he has acted too much like a Republican, not a Democrat.

    I am certain that this poll will have national ramifications.

  5. Next job – Democratic State Committee? He can’t do worse then who he put in as Executive Director. At least he would have the respect of the State Committee Members.

  6. Gov is a lost case. His Mary runs his every move. Wolf has no clue and his control freaks that run him are complete worthless Dumb and dumber in control of our state sad.

  7. Want to know what normal, reasonable, level-headed people think out politics in the state of Pennsylvania? No doubt, the best place to start looking is in the comments section over here at PoliticsPA

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