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Reader Poll: Majority Reject Wolf’s Tax Plans

wolf-budget addressOur readers have some bad news for Governor Wolf.

Last week, we asked about Gov. Wolf’s new budget which would increase income and sales taxes while reducing property and corporate taxes.

Unfortunately for Wolf, about 55% of our readers are against this.

775 readers, in fact, oppose this plan.

Meanwhile, 646 respondents voiced support for the Governor’s tax changes.

The full results are included below:

Do you support Governor Wolf’s plan to increase the income and sales tax while decreasing the property and corporate tax?

  • No (55%)
  • Yes (45%)

Total Voters: 1,421

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6 Responses

  1. Can we please stop pretending that 775 people speak for the rest of us? Tom Corbett left Tom Wolfe an incredible mess.
    Corbett’s administrative nightmare was full of magical thinking, fairy dust and right wing obstructionism

  2. 13th district dem – does that work in reverse? Raise taxes on property owners (a business) and they pass the cost on to the renters (customers)?

  3. Also, theoretically property tax *does* affect renters. A landowner is going to consider the total cost of operating her property over time, and that includes taxes. She’s going to set rent that way.

    Theoretically, a cut in property taxes should result in a drop in rents overall. Now, that’s not going to happen immediately for every renter, because most renters paying $X/month aren’t going to know that their landlord is paying less for the property.

    But, that’s the theory.

  4. I support his tax plan if he sticks to his guns about the Delaware loophole and the natural gas tax its time everybody kicks in their fare share and that includes people that rent

  5. Im a one income family my husband is disable & we are stretched to the limit. Increase on sales tax would really add on to hardship already dealing with. We are not home owners we are renters. Everything Gov wolf is saying will do nothing but hurt us.

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    Total Voters: 112

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