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Reader Poll: Marijuana Should Be Legal in PA

MarijuanaPennsylvanians want pot.

At least our readers do.

After a Quinnipiac survey showed a majority of Pennsylvanians support marijuana legalization, we decided to poll our readers on the question. They were overwhelmingly in favor.

836 respondents approve of legalization.

On the other hand, just 167 readers are against it.

The full results are included below:

Do You Favor Legalizing Marijuana in PA?

  • Yes (83%)
  • No (17%)

Total Voters: 1,003

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13 Responses

  1. “Headache inducing smells” aye BucksVoter? I suppose the stench of cow manure spread on rural fields is less headache inducing? You’re an idiot. Please shut up. We all get the fact you’re an uninformed anti- marijuana person several posts ago.

  2. Golley, that sure does hurt Sgt. “poll results”. At least I’m not a coward and hide behind some fictitious name. Now go smoke yourself some weed and make yourself stupid and destroy your lungs. Then veg out on the couch and play some war game on your playstation. Idiot pothead!

  3. No use in swimming upstream. If PolPa survey numbers are on par with the general voting public, cannabis is headed for legalization. All I can say is that it will cause more trouble than you proponents of legalization can imagine. I pray for this country and this state.

  4. PA Expat, I have not been to CO since recreational marijuana became legal. What you dismiss as Internet “hearsay” was reported in a recent New York Times article. Denver is being overrun with pot shops and the smell is a disgusting health hazard.

  5. Bucksvoter – it seems like you’re just parroting hearsay you’ve heard around the internet, have you ever actually spent time in one of the states where cannabis is legal for all adults? All of those jurisdictions heavily regulate and tax the stuff. The smoking in cannabis clubs is from the wild west days of the underregulated medical-only regime of the past and has long since been squashed out. In general, industry licensees and their employees are subject to stringent, cautious oversight by officious state liquor authorities. Overall, the cultivation, processing, and sale has been a boon for urban and rural communities and a massive source of revenue for cash strapped state and local governments.

  6. Here is the thing… millions of $ of pot is sold every year in PA currently, how come no one mentions that fact?

  7. If recreational marijuana becomes legal in PA, it should be taxed and highly regulated by state and local government. Denver, CO has become overwhelmed with pot shops. Many are located in poorer neighborhoods where they emit constant headache-inducing smells.

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