Reader Poll: Murphy Runs Away with AG Race

PoliticsPA readers have spoken, and they are predicting Patrick Murphy for Pa. Attorney General. By a margin of 711 to 284 in our unscientific poll, Murphy overcame former Lackawanna County prosecutor Kathleen Kane.

Murphy is a former Congressman from Bucks County.

As of this week, both campaigns are on TV.

The GOP candidate is Dave Freed, the District Attorney of Cumberland County.

Here are the poll results:

Who will win the Dem primary for Attorney General?

  • Patrick Murphy (71%)
  • Kathleen Kane (29%)

Total Voters: 995

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March 30th, 2012 | Posted in Features, Front Page Stories, Harrisburg, Top Stories | 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Murphy Runs Away with AG Race”

  1. Leilani says:

    Barbra, Ag’s do not “update” laws, nor do they make them, they enforce them.

  2. Hal Keasler says:

    Patrick Murphy would be the balancing force that would make certain that our Republican Govonor
    abides by the law of the State.He is qualified,Intelligent,FAIR and will enforce the laws of our state in an even-handed manner.All Vets should support someone who has served our Country so well.

  3. Janet says:

    I just made my donation to the Patrick Murphy campaign. I admire how he was a force to pass the legislation to overthrow DADT in the last Congress. I also admire his stand on civil rights, especially his comments on being “smart on crime”. There is a big privately backed “tough on crime” industry, which failed us magnificently with the recent revelations of the Pennsylvania children who were sent to juvenile detention on flimsy or false pretenses to put kickbacks in the pockets of corrupt PA judges and private jail investors. This is the outward reaching tentacles of the New Jim Crow, going beyond targeting of minorities, now going for our children, next going for you and me? Build the jails, and they will come! Whether they belong there or not! They actually are creating new legislation, spoon-fed to Congressional representatives to introduce into law, that result in more suspect convictions for imaginary crimes, to boost their bottom line. Hey, you “tough on crime” folks, you often are just as adamant about taxpayer issues: these for-profit jails are handily extracting money from the taxpayers’ wallets. If someone is incarcerated, it is a significant cost to the state, and therefore to the taxpayer. We need to be “smart on crime” instead, and demand better outcomes for all the communities involved.

  4. hbg dem says:

    @ Delcoobserver: union hooligans for GOP? Really? wow. Clueless. A vote for KANE is a vote for Freed–she was a huge contributor to now Gov. Corbett….SHE is the Republican…a DINO. Murphy is a true Dem, and yes, our only shot a beating Freed, who has the backing of the Governor via Hershey trust’s Zimmerman….note: Google is NOT a true research tool…you need to dig deeper than that.

  5. Dem247 says:

    It is confusing to hear people say Kane is qualified for this position, when she has not been a prosecutor since 2007. There is no backing to a candidates opinions if they have never held an elected office before. This is why candidates should start in local politics before running statewide. We just have to take her word for it.

    At least with Murphy we can see what he has consistently stood for through his congressional record.

  6. Susan says:

    I agree that Kane’s independence and experience set her apart.

  7. In my opinion, both Patrick Murphy and Kathleen Kane have equal opportunity to defeat Dave Freed who is conflicted and compromised

    Nevertheless, Kathleen Kane would, in my view, clearly the better Attorney General for Pennsylvania because of her independence of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party leadership.

  8. delco observer says:

    union hooligans have been in the pocket of GOP for this and other offices for decades. The comment above does not surprise me. A vote for Murphy is a vote for Freed.

  9. Barbra says:

    Which AG will update archaic laws?

  10. Union Hooligan says:

    Ah, to the contrary Delco Observer.

    The vast majority of Republicans are pulling for Kane because she has no shot at Freed.

    Think about it: A ten year assistant district attorney vs. a career Republican District Attorney.

    Murphy is our only shot.

  11. delco observer says:

    Lots of republicans are hoping its Murphy because he has no chance to beat David Freed.

  12. David Diano says:

    This is not “backing” Murphy. It is merely making a prediction about who will win the primary.

    Certainly the election is not going to be a 42-point blowout. But something like a 5 point polling margin would probably correspond to a 70% chance of victory.

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