Reader Poll: Narrow Majority Against Accepting Syrian Refugees

syria292way_custom-ade1b7712443d957fcdace3a8bc4e16e97b493fe-s6-c30It seems that our readers aren’t in favor of accepting any Syrian refugees.

Despite the declaration from Governor Wolf (which doesn’t mean much anyway), a slim majority voted against bringing in anyone from the war-torn Middle Eastern nation.

811 readers are against accepting any refugees.

755 respondents, however, do want Pennsylvania to accept refugees from Syria.

The full results are included below:

Should Pennsylvania Accept Syrian Refugees?

  • No (52%)
  • Yes (48%)

Total Voters: 1,566

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3 Responses

  1. While I can appreciate thinking with your heart in matters such as these, a reasonably prudent person also balances such decision making with their head. FBI Director Comey testified UNDER OATH that there are no reliable and certifiable measures available to effectively screen/background check these refugees. CIA Director Morell confirmed this. It is a proven fact that it would be significantly cheaper and more cost effective to help these individuals over there – than bring them here. The FBI currently has 900-1000 open terrorist cases in US – in all 50 states. Why would we want to exacerbate and increase the security burden? Research the Somali refugee program that has resettled scores in Minneapolis over the last several years – fraught with problems. We currently already have terrorists coming over our southern border – proven fact – research it. The Iraqi refugee program was suspended in 2011 for 6 months by this Admin. b/c of security concerns – why not now – given world climate and recent events? Our first priority and concern is the security and safety of our fellow American citizens – such priority of which has not been shown by this Administration (i.e., Immigration laws not enforced, Sanctuary cities, American citizens killed by illegal immigrants – after multiple arrests/releases rather than deportations). It is not worth even one American Civilian life to bring foreign national refugees here without proper safeguards guaranteed by those in the intelligence community. If the Admin. was so sure of their safeguards, why wouldn’t they share them with the Governors during their classified briefing? Why are the foreign nationals not monitored and tracked once they are here? And it is inaccurate that there is nothing the Governors can do regarding this situation. Neither they, nor the Congress are powerless. Finally, why the full court press now? When Christians were being murdered by Boko Haram in Africa – not a peep. When the Yazidis were being slaughtered – not a word. Now all of a sudden it is imperative. Not logical. If we are not the world’s policeman according to the President, and he doesn’t want to lead in destroying ISIS, why does he feel we are the world’s caretaker and piggy bank? We are 19 Trillion in debt and have our own citizens (namely VETS) who are in need of our help and taxpayer dollars.

  2. This is a shame and goes against the founding principles of this Commonwealth and this country. Cowards and hypocrites, the lot of them. They haven’t been paying attention in history class. Home of the brave? Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free? We truly should fear fear itself, because it is fear that drives this nonsense and threatens our nation’s moral high ground.

  3. I would have thought that especially Pennsylvanians, whose William Penn created a commonwealth founded on accepting people who were rejected by others, and tolerating differences, that we would open our arms. There is risk to almost anything in life. Truly helping others often involves risk. Someday our children or our children’s children may need open arms to welcome them.

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