Reader Poll: No New Gun Laws Likely

NRA logoBy a wide margin, PoliticsPA readers said it’s unlikely that Congress will enact new gun legislation.

Out of 595 people votes, 410 people said no new laws are likely. 185 people said they are.

Will Congress Pass New Gun Laws?

  • No. Politics will prevail. (69%)
  • Yes. This changed everything. (31%)

Total Voters: 595

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Gun violence has been a major issue since the tragic shooting in Newtown Connecticut.

President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are presently pursuing policies like universal background checks and reinstatement of a ban on assault weapons.

Former Representative Gabrielle Giffords, herself famously a victim of a shooting rampage in Arizona, launched a gun control drive aimed at “curbing gun violence” which would require background checks for private gun sales.

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One thought on “Reader Poll: No New Gun Laws Likely”

  1. Andrew Jakakas says:

    I think congress should make this country safe for me and my family . Not cave in to the gun lobby I think the NRA should stop supporting less gun laws. I don’t think the rite people own all the guns. less regs mean more of the wrong type can get their hands on killing machines

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