Reader Poll: Our Readers Don’t Rate Pres. Obama Highly

It seems our readers are at odds with the American public.

While Gallup has the President at a 56% approval rating, a plurality of our readers, 458, consider him an “awful” Chief Executive.

324 respondents believe he is a “great” President while 220 classified him as “good”.

412 readers categorized the President’s performance as “bad”.

Altogether, 544 respondents gave Pres. Obama a positive rating while 870 issued him a negative rating.

The full results are included below:

How Would You Rate Barack Obama As A President?

  • Awful (32%)
  • Bad (29%)
  • Great (23%)
  • Good (16%)

Total Voters: 1,414

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14 Responses

  1. What kind of right wing jagoffs are on this site? The President is loved and admired by everyone except right wing kooks in the USA (and Trump’s love master Vladdie). Anyone that doesn’t like President Obama is a jackass, it is as simple as that.

  2. Most of the readers on here can’t pass a Civics class anyway so I’m not surprised of the outcome.

  3. Since you!are talking about
    Propaganda you must mean MSNBC, NBC,
    CNN – NY Times. The Russians can and do learn from the extreme left wing media. Our long national nightmare will be ending on 1/20 when corrupt delusional Obama moves out,
    I’m not sure which is worse- Trump or a corrupt polarizing Obama.

  4. You guys are so lost in your far-right fantasy land, it’s scary. Go read a real newspaper instead of your Russian propaganda.

  5. Acapone – Keep believing what Breitbart, Faux News and Infowars feeds you. I’ve accepted that the Twitter Master will be our President come noon on January 20th. Never though have we seen an apologist for the Russian government in the Oval Office. So YES it is the Gipper who is rolling over in his grave.

  6. Actually CentPAdem it’s Nixon
    who is rolling over- Nixon tried to corrupt the
    IRS- Obama actually did corrupt the IRS.
    Nixon and John Mitchell tried to cover up
    Watergate- Obama, evil Holder and Lynch
    actually violated the law- fast and furious and the meeting on the tarpac with Bubba Clinton.
    Tricky Dick must be asking himself- Obama did it and got away with it- why not me?

  7. I can hardly wait. In just 10 days, we’ll have Putin’s lover as the leader of the free world. Reagan must be rolling in his grave.

  8. Obama more corrupt than Nixon more incompetent than Carter. It goes
    Beyond “awful”- Obama disgraced our Nation and his Office– how many died in Syria and
    How many courageous young people died 8 years ago in Tehran because he lacked integrity and courage. Obama was both a racist and anti Semitic who seems to delude himself that arrogance is a substitute for
    Accomplishment . Farewell at last and let’s send this filth back to Chicago.

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