Reader Poll: Pa. Should Legalize Recreational Marijuana

marijuana-from-marijuana-farmThe results are in, and it is clear our readers want to legalize marijuana for recreational use.  

84% of the 1426 voters in the poll want Pennsylvania to legalize recreational marijuana, while 16% want the prohibition to remain in place.



Should Pennsylvania be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana?

  • Yes (84%)
  • No (16%)

Total Voters: 1,426

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March 14th, 2017 | Posted in Front Page Stories, Poll | 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Pa. Should Legalize Recreational Marijuana”

  1. Tim says:

    Gulag PGH is a pot smoking hippy from the 60’s. His apartment needs to be raided by the Pennsylvania State Police. They will find his stash and collection of tranny porn!

    Not to worry though Gulag, half of the state house and senate are potheads so you’re in good company! Drug test ALL elected officials, and public employees just like probationeers, at will and randomly. Don’t let them go crying to their unions and their political bosses! Out them as pot smoking phoney’s!

  2. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    Les Stark: I’m not that old, so sorry if I impugned the 19th Century.

  3. Happy room says:

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    Happy room

  4. Les Stark says:

    In response to gulag… actually, if Pa. was stuck in the 19th century we would be a lot more advanced than the current GOP. Cannabis was completely legal that entire century and sold in ever pharmacy throughout the state. Hash houses existed in Philadelphia and I suspect further research will show that they existed in other Pa. cities. So yeah, they aren’t even as advanced as the 19th century…

  5. gulag Pittsburgh says:

    PA legislature will remain stuck in 19th century as long as GOP numbnuts remain in gerrymandered control.

  6. Paging PA GOP says:

    But it won’t matter. As long as the PA GOP holds the state legislature, recreational marijuana will never be legalized. And you wonder why we have one of the most gerrymandered state legislatures in the nation.

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