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Reader Poll: Pawlowski Favored Over Sestak

Ed-Pawlowski-headshotFor months Pennsylvanians have wondered whether a Democratic challenger would take the plunge and run against Joe Sestak in the primary.

Last week, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski told the Morning Call he is giving “serious consideration” to a campaign.

Therefore, we asked our readers who they thought would prevail in a contest between the two.

Somewhat surprisingly nearly two-thirds of respondents, 819, went with Pawlowski.

Sestak meanwhile was the choice of 420 readers.

The full results are included below:

Who Do You Think Would Win a Sestak vs. Pawlowski 2016 Senate Primary?

  • Ed Pawlowski (66%)
  • Joe Sestak (34%)

Total Voters: 1,239

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10 Responses

  1. No way does Pawlowski beat Sestak in a statewide Dem primary. No chance. My dark horse is still – and you still heard it here first – Allyson Schwartz. Laugh, go ahead. I’m used to it.

  2. Political wonks and party leaders once again out of touch with the Democratic rank and file. And you wonder why the Dems lose legislative races.

  3. Sure, if a center-right Dem who immediately went to work for a Defense contractor after he left Congress is your ideal of a Democratic candidate, add Chris Carney. But if that’s the choice, I’m sticking with Diano’s “Ham Sandwich.”

  4. Re run the survey and add Chris Carney and see what you get. Chris Carney by a landslide.

  5. “Ham sandwich” would be better than Josh Shapiro-! Better Sestak than a party hack from Montco-

  6. Thank God there will be more than two people running. If the choice was between these two and these two only, it would be my first time under-voting.

  7. I mean, I get that these are ‘reader polls’, but it just shows how absurd the whole thing is. I know “insiders” don’t like Sestak, and I know why. But he did beat a sitting US Senator in a primary–who was endorsed and backed to the hilt by the sitting President and Governor, when both hand a lot more political sway in PA. Pawlowski, on the other hand, dropped out of a statewide race not two years ago when it became clear he wasn’t ready for prime-time.

    This is a question of who would win the primary, not who would be a better general election candidate, or who do we like more. Like him or not, Sestak wins this hypothetical match-up hands down.

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