Reader Poll: Pennsylvanians Disapprove of Bob Casey

Casey-unhappyA majority of Pennsylvanians disapprove of Senator Bob Casey.

The state’s senior Senator joins Tom Wolf, Kathleen Kane and the entire state legislature as those who have emerged with negative ratings from our reader polls.

A late surge of votes flipped the results 55% to 45% against the Democrat.

563 readers disapprove of Sen. Casey’s track record.

469 respondents approve of Senator Casey’s job performance.

The full results are included below:

Do You Approve or Disapprove of Bob Casey’s Job Performance?

  • Disapprove (55%)
  • Approve (45%)

Total Voters: 1,032

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13 Responses

  1. I hope all you Pennsylvanians are proud of yourself. Below is a direct quote from Senator Casey in the “Foundations of My Analysis” section of his 17 page document on why he supports the Iran deal:

    “1. I am skeptical that the Iranian regime will uphold its end of the deal – we have to prepare for the possibility that the Iranian regime may violate the agreement and may even engage in
    activity constituting significant non-compliance with the JCPOA.

    2. The regime will continue, over the next decade, to engage in nefarious activity in the Middle East, including support for Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist entities. The regime will
    continue its efforts to become a regional power.

    3. In the later years of the JCPOA’s duration, as some restrictions on uranium enrichment are lifted, the Iranian regime may take steps to develop an industrial-sized uranium enrichment

    4. By themselves, the economic sanctions that forced Iran to the negotiating table will not, under any circumstances, compel the regime to forego its intention to develop nuclear weapons.

    5. The only effective deterrent to ultimately prevent or destroy an Iranian nuclear threat today, or 15 years from now, is the credible threat of a U.S. military strike to destroy any Iranian nuclear weapons infrastructure completely.

    Can anyone tell me, in light of THESE ADMISSIONS, why Senator Casey’s approval of the Iran deal makes any sense?!!

    It is obvious to me that if ONLY THE THREAT of an ARMED CONFLICT WITH THE UNITED STATES will keep Iran in check, we need to be developing our OWN MILITARY CAPABILITIES not those of IRAN!

  2. Casey’s problem was becoming a republican although claiming to be a democrat. Any vote against the Iran deal is a vote for war. Who here wants war?

  3. Casey can’t change his underwear without checking with obama first to see if it’s OK! The only reason he was elected was due to the name recognition of his father who was a great man and politician. If the elder casey were still alive, I would bet, that he would be ashamed of his son.

  4. When this “poll” was first put up the response to Casey was strong disapproval. The comments were also overwhelmingly negative. Then the numbers suddenly reversed themselves, and now we see they were again reversed. Clearly the results were manipulated by advocates for and against Casey. I personally am a progressive Democrat who has twice written in someone else rather than vote for Casey. These days he seems to vote whichever way his handlers tell him to vote which is better than in days past when he regularly voted against women’s rights and for the neoliberal agenda, but he remains an empty suit, and I will never vote for him.

  5. Senator Casey is a big government, big spending, official in our federal Politburo.
    He is what is wrong with government.
    A real danger to citizen’s freedoms and well being.

    He needs to go.

  6. This poll is not scientific in any way. Bob Casey is one of the finest Senators our Commonwealth has ever had in office. Katie McGinty will become half of a great team for a great state.

  7. Your website is being played for a fool, PoliticsPA. A ten point lead yesterday doesn’t turn into a ten point deficit, on the last day of the poll, without a lot of fraudulent voting. You need to track IP addresses.

  8. He was/is an “empty suit”…and this is illustrated by his continued silence on the Iran Deal, for he daren’t oppose BHO!

  9. The Senator forgot how and why he was elected. His staff does not return phone calls. He has totally forgotten the little people of Pennsylvania.

  10. “A majority of Pennsylvanians disapprove of Senator Bob Casey.” Really? Based on your reader poll?

  11. Wonder if the late surge has something to do with Casey claiming he’s pro-life and then siding with Planned Parenthood.

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