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Reader Poll: Rafferty Three-Peat

john-raffertyRafferty’s three for three.

Well, in our polls at least.

Three times we tested the Attorney General contest between GOP nominee John Rafferty and Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro. Three times Rafferty came out ahead.

705 readers went with Rafferty.

On the other hand, 648 respondents chose Shapiro.

The full results are presented below:

If the Election Were Today, Who Would You Vote For in the Attorney General Contest?

  • John Rafferty (52%)
  • Josh Shapiro (48%)

Total Voters: 1,353

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14 Responses

  1. Look, the GOP in PA is an organizational joke, headed by a felon jailed for political corruption. The GOP where Rafferty lives is completely incompetent recently headed by a rapist who got off because of an inept DA’s Office. There are a million more Ds than Rs in the the state, and the head of the GOP ticket is unappealing in the very SE counties Rafferty needs votes. Add to that Shapiro is running out of the same base, is a far better politician, better funded, and has government executive experience lacking in the last elected Attorney General, and Rafferty cannot win. Furthermore, Rafferty is simply a poor candidate, dull, slow on his feet and fails to capture any confidence anyplace. That he is a good senator means nothing in this environment. He will, in fact, put his livelihood in jeopardy because his weakness will show he can be beaten even in his district. All and all a perfect storm on top of a flawed candidate chosen by idiots and a criminal.

  2. Rafferty Loves to file Suit against anyone he thinks is Criticizing him SHAME ON YOU JOHN RAFFERTY

  3. So the Dem trolls who usually haunt PoliticsPA all day, all consistently hate Shapiro, is that what this is measuring? But he’s still going to CRUSH Rafferty?

    PoliticsPA has beclowned their website by not monitoring comments.

  4. Is Josh Shapiro really running a great campaign or Rafferty running a bad one? Other than a FOP billboard on I-95 in Philly for Shapiro and a couple lawn signs for Rafferty in lower Bucks County I do not see much of a campaign going on.

  5. I think for John Rafferty will win this race in November and not lose and get rid of Josh Sharpio.

  6. I doubt Rafferty will lose by 20, but he will lose by double digits. The wrong candidate (again) for the nomination. If he loses in his senate district, that will put his seat at risk if the Ds come up with an A-list candidate. John made a monumental mistake in running for this seat. As usual the GOP brass made a monumental mistake paving the way for him. And Rafferty has run a miserable campaign. But he can take heart that he’s a three-peat on PoliticsPA, right?

  7. It’s a reader poll designed to see what the readership of PoliticsPA is like, not a scientific poll of voters nor does it pretend to be.

  8. So when this Bozo loses by 20 points next month, will you finally stop running these stupid, prove-nothing polls?

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