Reader Poll: Remove Cap On Wholesale Gas Taxes



Recently, we asked if PoliticsPA readers supported Governor Tom Corbett’s plan to remove the cap on wholesale gas taxes in order to increase the funding available for transportation in Pennsylvania. Readers overwhelmingly (74% to 26%) favored such a plan.


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  • Yes (53%)
  • No (42%)
  • Undecided (4%)

Total Voters: 193

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The governor did in fact include the gas tax removal as part of his proposed budget when it was unveiled on Tuesday.  If the plans are put into action they will take effect over five years and increase the tax by 28.5 cents.

Initially the tax increase would only affect those at the wholesale level, although opponents of the plan are concerned that eventually the cost will be passed along to consumers.  Proponents of the plan stress that the it could eventually yield up to $2 billion per year which would significantly ease the financial burden currently facing transportation in Pennsylvania.

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One thought on “Reader Poll: Remove Cap On Wholesale Gas Taxes”

  1. Bono says:

    Why give back 2 cents per gallon? That represents about $120 million annually. Must be Tom’s tribute to Grover. $250 million isn’t enough for transit.

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