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Reader Poll: Reschenthaler Deserves a Failing Grade for Mueller Hearing

The long awaited hearing Congressional hearing with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller has come and gone. While three Freshman Representatives from the state had the chance to ask questions to Mueller in front of the House Judiciary committee and nearly 13 million viewers at home watching on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, we asked the PoliticsPA audience to weigh in on the performance of Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Allegheny). 

During Reschenthaler’s five minutes of questioning, he accused Mueller of leaving out information in the report that would have been helpful for the President and said some of the information made public in the report without an indictment or prosecution was “Un-American.” 

With 707 votes casted, 53% of PoliticsPA readers believe that Reschenthaler deserves an “F” grade for his questioning during the Mueller hearing. However, the second highest letter grade selected was “A” with 28% giving Reschenthaler the highest grade possible. Coming in third place with 11% of people giving Reschenthaler a “D”, followed by 5% grading his performance as a “B”, and rounding out the list is 4% giving him a “C.” 

Reader Poll: How Would You Grade Reschenthaler’s Questioning During the Mueller Hearing?

  • F (53%)
  • A (28%)
  • D (11%)
  • B (5%)
  • C (4%)

Total Voters: 707

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6 Responses

  1. That charge and phrase was embarrassing for him and the commonwealth….but he is still young and maybe he can learn from this. I wish he was as concerned about Russian interference as he was about Mueller. Maybe his mentor, tim Murphy, should analyze him for delusions of grandeur.

  2. He did his homework. Asked questions. And we have those who give him F. Happy most of u aren’t in his seat.

    1. Wrong.

      He never prosecuted any terrorists. He defended Navy Seals. There’s a difference. Meanwhile why don’t you ask him about his stupid right-to-work laws. It comes out to about $3 an hour. That’s what he thinks YOUR worth.

      Case closed.

      1. Typical lib who didn’t even vet the quality of his two lines of questioning; both will be validated by Horowitz/Huber/Durham.

        1. Dr. Bob…clearly, you are confused. Mueller is as Republican as can be possible and only a partisan can ignore that reality. What Cong Res did that was unhelpful was to see Mueller as some foe of the Republicans when he was a friend of democracy.

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