Reader Poll: Sestak Favorite to Win Dem Nomination

Joe-Sestak-headshotGood news for the ex-Admiral.

Given the new dynamics in the 2016 Senate Democratic primary, we decided to ask our readers who they believe will win the nomination.

1,373 respondents chose former Congressman Joe Sestak.

The newest candidate, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, came in second with 846 votes.

Finally, 676 readers think Gov. Wolf’s former Chief of Staff Katie McGinty will be the Democratic nominee.

The full results are included below:

Who Do You Believe Will Win the Democratic Nomination in the 2016 Senate Race?

  • Joe Sestak (47%)
  • John Fetterman (29%)
  • Katie McGinty (23%)

Total Voters: 2,895

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13 Responses

  1. It hasn’t shown up here yet, but the new Quinnipiac poll is out. It basically shows that little has changed over the past several polls. The vast majority still do not know who either Sestak or McGinty are. McGinty loses to Toomey by 20 points and Sestak loses to Toomey by 15 points. They did not do a primary matchup, but there is little point in doing that until more people have an opinion. If there is bad news for anyone it is probably McGinty because she is showing no movement to speak of despite the entire Democratic Establishment and their cronies lining up to support her. Maybe that $ million she has collected will help, but I think the real problem is that she is a lackluster candidate who is simply not going to excite a base. My money is still on Sestak.

  2. Point of clarity:
    Many of these comments reflect that the writer might accidentally have confused “who will win” with “who do support”? They are two very different questions. I am undecided who to support, but I picked Sestak, as I think he will win, for example.

  3. FYI, Quinnipiac’s Pa. Senate poll will be out tomorrow. It does include a cell phone sample unlike the F&M poll, so it should be more reliable. They also measure registered voters rather than “likely voters.” The latter might sound better, but no two polling companies agree on how to determine who a likely voter is, and even most voters have no real idea if they will definitely vote this far out. F&M, whose polls I regard as almost worthless, measures “likely voters.” For the record, (are you paying attention David Diano?)44% of U.S. households have cell phones but no landlines. You cannot exclude a population universe that large and hope to generate a reliable sample.

  4. I love reading David Diano’s rather subdued (for him) comments in this thread. To begin with this poll is meaningless because it is neither scientific nor random, and it can be easily manipulated. That having been said, Diano has maintained over and over again that Sestak has no support and is hated by all but a few cretins like me who don’t know better. If that is so where did those 1,373 Sestak votes come from? I guess he has at least 1,373 fans out there, huh David?
    And what about McGinty? If she is as popular as David keeps insisting why wasn’t she able to get boatloads of her fans over to this site to vote for her? As I said, these polls are easily manipulated, but apparently not that easily when it comes to McGinty.
    So David just sheepishly suggests that all the visitors to this site are Republicans, and then boasts that Fetterman raised $180k, not that that is even remotely relevent.
    By the way David, did you notice Bernie Sanders held 7 fund raisers in Q3 and took in $26 million (mostly on the internet) and Hillary Clinton had 58 fund raisers and only managed to bring in $2 million more. I have a feeling this is going to be a frustrating election year for David Diano and the corrupt Democratic machine.

  5. HAHAHAHA: In the poll you reference, McCord beat Wolf by 20 votes, yes…….but Katie came in last in that poll. The poll was quite accurate then, as it is now, predicting Katie’s fate.

  6. Hey, another last place finish for McGinty. That’s an improvement to Katie 7% last place finish in the Gov primary.

    I wish my mother could have passed on a bit of wisdom to the state Dem party that Mom taught me early on… “You can’t polish a t*rd.”

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