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Reader Poll: Should Brady Stay on as the Philadelphia Democratic Party Chair?

Bob BradyCongressman Bob Brady (D-Philadelphia) could be facing some legal problems after it was alleged he paid a political rival to end his primary challenge.  

In a plea agreement released last week, a former aide to Municipal Court Judge Jimmie Moore said Brady’s campaign paid his former boss to end his 2012 challenge.  

So we want to know, should Brady stay on as Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Party?


Should Brady stay on as the Chair of the Philadelphia Democratic Party?

  • No (66%)
  • Yes (34%)

Total Voters: 489

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19 Responses

  1. Bob “Payoff” Brady MUST GO Brady is one of the Most corrupt Politicians to ever walk the face of the Earth GET HIM OUT NOW

  2. In response to Barricks Einwonhner’s comments I wish make the following observations:
    When the “corrupt” Republican Machine was voted out of office in 1951 after ruling for 68 years the city of Philadelphia had grown from less than 1 million residents to over 2 million residents and was the 3rd largest city in the US. The population of the US was 175 million.
    After 65 years of being ruled by the “honest” Clark/Dilworth and the Brady Bunch machine, our city has 1.56 million residents while the population of the US has grown to 335 million.
    The “corrupt” Republican machine succeeded by instituting policies that managed a growing population into a winning coalition to maintain control. Our honest Democratic machine has maintained its control by instituting policies that have driven out the tax paying residents that would be most likely to vote against it. Thus, having a smaller electorate to maintain its control over.
    I will leave it to history to decide which is the better formula for political and municipal success. I will say from a representation standpoint it has been a disaster.
    Since 1960, we have lost 3 three congressional seats, 4 Pa Senate seats, and I do not know how many PA House Seats since the Brady Bunch has taken over. Accordingly, if there is strength in numbers Philadelphia’s clout has diminished greatly during the rule of the Brady Bunch.

    1. PA has the 5th or 6th most population in the USA, so why should we continue to lose Congressional seats? If the Constitution was followed, Pennsylvania wouldn’t lose any seats. The population flight from Philadelphia is deep seated and more complicated than your explanation.

  3. The people who should answer this are the committee members of the Philadelphia Democratic Committee…if Brady would let them vote.

  4. Corruption? Harrisburg is voting on Philly corruption? It’s like that other substance that flows down hill. State government has been corrupt since before Pa was a state.

  5. You people need to get with Program! Who better to lead the corrupt and revolting cabal- called the Philly dem machine than Bob -perfect leader for a corrupt group.

    1. Prior to the 1950s, the corrupt Philadelphia Republican machine ran the city. Then reformers named Joe Clark and Richardson Dilworth broke that strangle hold. Is Bob Brady worse than the William Vare, Boies Penrose, Joe Grundy? Probably not and most certainly a whole lot better.

      1. The Vare Brothers, Barney Samuel, Austin Meehan, Boies Penrose and Joe Grundy actually knew how to grow a city while managing to maintain their control. Joe Clark, Richardson Dilworth,Jim Tate,Frank Rizzo, Bill Green, Wilson Goode, our Savior Ed Rendell, J. Street, M. Nutter Soda Tax Jim and the Brady Bunch’s biggest success has been shrinking a city in order to maintain political control over it.
        If we able to maintain our current recent growth rate in 2060 will have the same level of population ( 2 million people) that we had when the last Republican Mayor, Barney Samuel, left office on January 2, 1952. I think I would rather have the Vare Brothers back again.

  6. He should go, but not for this reason. He should step aside and let a new generation lead.

  7. RETIRE already, before you get indicted and your luck runs out …..go lay on a beach instead of a cell with Chakka Fattah!

      1. David- you are confused. Vladimir paid Bill and Hiliary for uranium and talks. So did the Ukrainians- Trump is annoyed he didn’t get from both. Do you think Loretta Lynch wanted a cut from Bill when they met on tarmac??

  8. our nominal leader violating federal election law by secret fake- company payoffs to get a competitor out of the race ? no thanks.

  9. Nothing wrong with paying
    Someone not to run against You. It has been done in politics for a couple 100 years.

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