Reader Poll: Should Pa. Change How it Elects Lieutenant Governors?

Mike-Stack-258x300After the headlines coming out of the Lieutenant Governor’s office this year, people have been exploring ways to change how the Lieutenant Governor is elected.  

State Senator David Argall (R-Berks) introduced legislation to change the process to allow Gubernatorial nominees to pick their Lieutenant Governor candidate.  

So we want to know, should Pennsylvania change how it elects Lieutenant Governors?


Should Pa. change how it elects Lt. Governors?

  • Abolish the Lt. Governor position (42%)
  • Governor candidate picks the candidate (39%)
  • Keep it the same (19%)

Total Voters: 962

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11 Responses

  1. There is nothing wrong with the current method. We should continue to vote for our LT Gov’s in their primaries.

    1. our current Lieutenant Governor cost PA home owners continued property taxes because HE was the deciding vote against

  2. I thought that the last Constitutional Amendment letting the judges stay on until they are 75 years old was a farce.Especially the non-sense about changing the election from the 2016 primary to 2016 general when it looked like it was going to go down the drain. It was just another example of the baby boomer generation refusing to get out of the way for the next generation. I wish Tonya Stack all of the best in her recovery. There is no need to change the way we select our LT.Governors because she had an alcohol addiction.

  3. The poll is a bit shortsighted in omitting an option used by 18 states: the lieutenant governor elected separately from the governor. If any change is to be made, the process used by 36% of the states should at least be given some consideration.

  4. What a surprise, another attempt to take away the people’s right to chose. What’s next? Another move to appoint members of the judiciary? The elitist want to pick our judiciary and now a member of the executive branch. Why? Just because the purveyors of fake news publish made up scandal about the current lt Gov? A fabricated about the judiciary? Or how about the legislature? If they had their way we would get rid of our form of government and allow the media to pick who they like.

  5. What is the problem here? Keep it the same, a knee-jerk reaction changed the PA Constitution after the 1966 general election and now because the Dems seem to not get along very well, another change is proposed. I still like the idea that I can at least pick who I want in the primary. A solution seeking a problem, like increasing the age of automatic retirement for judges. The lawmakers should be age limited.

    1. Despite the constitutional change judges can still serve until they are 78 as senior judges. So that is the actual mandatory retirement age for some judges.

  6. I think for the governor nominee should choose their own runningmates because it would be easier for people like is to support for the general election in every 4 years.

  7. Stack is such a fraud to throw his wife under the bus. They both act like entitled scumbags and the wife gets thrown into rehab………. they are truly terrible people. You can’t make up just how detestable they are. A blemish on public service……

    1. Jim-

      Stack wasn’t “throwing his wife under the bus”. She needed professional care, and Mike saw that she got it.

      It was WOLF who threw Stack and his wife under the bus. Wolf knew about the problems she was having and used those problems to tarnish Mike. Truly despicable by Wolf and his cronies.

  8. The Lt Gov can make an independent tie-breaking vote in the Senate.

    We’ve already seen the problems with Governors selecting their own stooges.

    Keep it the same

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    • April, 2023 (2%)

    Total Voters: 173

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