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Reader Poll: Should PA Delay Its Primary?

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyday life across the world. Should it result in delaying the upcoming Pennsylvania primary?

Gov. Tom Wolf said in a press conference on Monday that Pennsylvania is “certainly taking into consideration” the idea of moving the April 28 primary date to another date

Several states have already announced that they are postponing their primary elections and New York, who holds their primary on the same day as Pennsylvania, is also considering pushing their date back after April 28.

So we ask the PoliticsPA readers, Should Pennsylvania delay its primary? 

This poll will expire on March 24 at 2:30 PM. 

Reader Poll: Should PA Delay Its Primary?

  • Yes (56%)
  • No (44%)

Total Voters: 336

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19 Responses

  1. If there were an all mail-in and absentee ballot election, I would serve if all I had to do is pick up ballots and feed them into a voting machine.

  2. A federal government study said 56% of poll workers are 60 years old or older. I am judge of election in my division. Two workers are under 60, 3 are older. The two young ones have already refused to work. Of the other 3, I am the youngest-72! I will not work if the primary is in April. I would resign. I will serve my community. I won’t die for my community’s convenience.

  3. The candidates have not been able to get out and campaign! Everything has been shut down. I have been denied the opportunity to meet, listen to and talk to our congressional candidates!! The primary needs to be moved. Each candidate deserves a fair shot to meet as many of the voters as possible!

  4. Either postpone the April 28 Primary OR Make it ALL VOTE BY MAIL FOR ALL. Send a Early Mail In Ballot Or Absentee Ballot TOO ALL NOW!

  5. There is a proposal in the state legislature to send every registered voter a mail-in ballot. I support that instead of changing the date. There is little doubt we will still be dealing with the virus in April (even the president, who likes to downplay it, is now saying it will be with us until July or August).

  6. The primary is over a month away, calm down. If anything, encourage as many people as possible to vote by mail.

  7. Sorry but I don’t trust the motives of any Republican state/county officials to make any recommendation on elections or voting that isn’t based on suppressing voter participation or otherwise preserving their positions. Happy to be wrong but the track record from municipal to national levels is to compromise voter rights by impairing access to timely balloting whenever possible. Go with 4/28 and use additional methods as indicated.

    1. I agree that it should be kept on 4/28, but it is the Democrats who are trying to move it and change the rules, this suppressing turnout.

  8. They need to postpone the Primary.. this will give them a chance to figure out an expanded vote by mail or possibly expanded days of voting. They need a test run for November. With all the laid off workers, if pa goes to early voting, there should be a pool of sufficient staff.

    1. What is there to figure out? You can apply online or by paper for a mail in ballot now. Do it if you are worried. If a lot of people choose to vote by mail, results will take longer but the election still happens. 3 Special elections were held yesterday (without vote by mail) showing polls could operate as well. No need to cancel. Vote by mail now if you have any concerns.

  9. Better idea – hold the general election now, defeat that incompetent boob and tell him he has 2 weeks to get himself and his crooked family out of our White House.

    1. Your generation has ruined our country. Better idea is to delay the election by 4 years so he can stay in office and save the country!

      1. You stooge, Trump is doing to this country what he’s done to every business he’s put his fingers into. He grifts people into supporting him, they fall for it, then he ruins it. 6 months ago he wanted 2020 to be all about HIS great stock market and economy. Well Donnie – YOU GOT IT – let’s decide your fate based on the stock market and the economy. As Donnie himself use to say on The Apprentice…… YOU’RE FIRED!!!! ASSHOLE

        1. Yup. You are the real asshole. People like you rooting for the american economy to fail and people to suffer so you can win an election. Disgusting. Simply disgusting.

          1. We where already heading into a recessions from Trump’s poor management of the economy and harmful tariffs and trade policies. He’s gutted regulations that protect the environment and food/water safety. He’s shredded the safety net for the poor. He’s ruined relationships with our allies and set Iran and Korean on paths to nuclear weapons.

            We are rooting for someone competent to replace him, because he’s already failed.

  10. If you are sick or concerned about being sick, bite by mail! We have an option for people to stay away from the polls with NO EXCUSES! With that, no need to cancel the Primary.

  11. It’s f*cking ridiculous to delay the April 28th primary.

    In six weeks, we will have either bent the curve, or blown it with so much of the population infected that quarantines stop making sense.

    Currently, the doubling rate in the USA is every 3 days. If that rate continues, there would be 14 doublings: 2^14 = 16,384 times as many cases as today (which is about 100). So, 100 x 16,384 = 1,638,400 total cases. If it hits that, quarantining would be meaningless.

    If, we can bend the curve to 6 day doubling time, then only 7 doublings: 2^7 = 128 so 128 x 100 = 12,280 total cases which is 1/1000th of population. So, pretty safe to go to polls, since maybe one person per polling place would even have the virus (and they’d probably stay home home or were infected long enough ago to have recovered and not be contagious).

    Basic hygiene at the polls and awareness/carefulness can be easily accomplished.

    In either scenario, voters can manage their contacts with other voters.

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    • Less Likely (36%)
    • More Likely (34%)
    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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