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Reader Poll: Shuster Will Be the GOP Nominee in PA-9

bill_shusterOur readers are extraordinarily interested in the PA-9 GOP primary.

This survey obliterated our record for votes in a reader poll.

3,813 respondents believe Rep. Shuster will successfully defend his spot as the GOP nominee.

On the other hand, 1,638 readers think that Art Halvorson will upset the incumbent.

The full results are included below:

Who Do You Believe Will Be the GOP Nominee in PA-9?

  • Bill Shuster (70%)
  • Art Halvorson (30%)

Total Voters: 5,451

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11 Responses

  1. Art has a proven track record of selfless leadership. He will do what’s best for the district and put his own interests and personal passions aside. Let’s switch in 2016 and really see the difference this will make.

  2. With millions of dollars to spend, Andy Post is absolutely failing Bill Shuster in this race. His statements to the press are clumsy. He has organized virtually no grassroots support. Word to the wise: never hire this person to work on your campaign.

  3. I am totally opposed to privatization of the FAA.I have heard or g/f is a llobyit for the airline indrustry.Is it truee you no liv in Florida.I feeel betrayed and cn’t support you any longer.

  4. Andy Post’s statement last week in Public Opinion was obnoxious and amateurish. It sounded like something a college student would write as a comment on facebook. Why is Shuster letting this kid run his campaign?

  5. Despite his power and position, Bill Shuster is a dysfunctional legislator. His precious FAA overhaul bill died because of his reckless behavior vacationing with airline lobbyists and because of the provision he tried to slip into the FAA bill for the trucking industry lobbyists. Shuster is owned by corporate special interest groups.

  6. This is apparently the 1# thing that the Shuster campaign has to be proud of: winning a straw poll. It has been pinned to the top of the Shuster campaign facebook page for the last three days.

  7. Bill Shuster, without the usual public fanfare expected from run of the mill politicians, has become one of the most effective voices for his district as any Congressman anywhere. The people of the 9th Congressional District are fortunate to have him. It would be a tragedy to lose such a person.

  8. Amazing what you can do when you pay a bunch of college kids to vote in an online poll hundreds of times. Shuster is in serious trouble and he knows it.

  9. Perhaps the poll should be changed to who do you think SHOULD be the GOP nominee and the results might be quite different. Many people feel money will overpower merit and lead to a Shuster win, even when he is not ethically qualified. So you can have an unethical putz with a known name or a whacko religious rightwinger nutcase. That seems to be the GOP choice for President too.

  • Does the NYC Verdict Make You More or Less Likely to Vote For Trump in 2024?

    • Less Likely (36%)
    • More Likely (34%)
    • Makes No Difference (30%)

    Total Voters: 112

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