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Reader Poll: Three-Quarters Think Dems Right to Re-Elect Burn as Chair

McGinty BurnOur readers seem to agree with the state Democratic committee.

In light of Katie McGinty’s challenge for the chair and Tom Wolf’s support of his former rival, we decided to ask our readers who they believed the party should nominate for the top spot.

It was a bitter fight, but just forty-eight hours before it was to commence, Wolf announced that he was creating his own McGinty-led PAC instead. Soon afterward Democratic officials were switching camps while Burn was insisting the party is unified.

Despite only being open for three days, our poll received a record amount of responses and Burn ran away with it.

2,020 readers believed he was the candidate the Democrats should nominate as head of the party.

Meanwhile just 661 voted for Katie McGinty.

The full results are included below:

Who Should the Democratic Party Nominate as Committee Chair?

  • Jim Burn (75%)
  • Katie McGinty (25%)

Total Voters: 2,681

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13 Responses

  1. David, when I was stationed in the Philippines in the 70s there was a guy named Marcos who was elected president of his country for more than 20 years and he also was the only guy on the ballot at that time. My point is if there is an unwritten rule where the Gov. nominee gets to appoint his own person as party chair lets get it written into the party rules. Remember 4 years ago Jim Burn was portrayed as Onorado’s choice and two other contenders dropped out the Friday night before the Sat, coronation.

  2. Bruce-
    It’s not about floating my vote, it’s about accurately portraying what happened and that the rules were followed.

    McGinty ran for the position and was rejected by the majority of the membership to be the chairperson of their organization. Some didn’t like her connections to Big Energy. Some didn’t feel she was a strong enough campaigner (I disagree with that assessment). Some didn’t think she had the administrative skill. Some didn’t like the pick for Vice-chair. Some didn’t like how Wolf handled it.

    But, the decision was (to the members) equal parts: an affirmation of the work Burn did the past 4 years and a rejection of McGinty.

    I’m NOT saying they made the right/wrong call. But, they did make a decision and to call it a “coronation” is to disrespect the process that McGinty fully participated in (and was willing to accept if it had gone her way).

  3. David, Election or Coronation what ever floats your boat. Been there, saw that, done that.

  4. @ Keegan

    YOU KNOW, Maybe people would stop spamming if you banned morons like me from posting from my moms basement while hiding under the blankets.


  5. Bruce From Lancaster-

    There was another challenger, but she withdrew her bid 40 hours before the vote.

    The call on Saturday for any other nominations yielded no takers.

    Bruce, I hope you aren’t going to complain similarly if Hillary has no Dem Primary opponent.

    Look, bottom line is that Burn had secured over 200 votes, and Wolf/McGinty dropped out rather than be publicly embarrassed by losing the vote. I had expected the committee to flip the other way in order to accommodate Wolf. However, a few people I talked to (the very progressive) simply don’t trust McGinty on the environment. I personally have no reason to doubt her support/commitment to the environment, but those active in the movement feel VERY STRONGLY that she is a puppet/stooge/greenwasher for the industry and nothing seems able to convince them otherwise about her.

    My point here is that if had Wolf picked someone the greens liked, he may have gotten their support and defeated Burn.

    1) don’t call it a coronation
    2) the state committee rules require a vote after all the candidates for chair have been nominated. The vote was taken, as per the rules.

  6. My only problem is, calling it an (election) for state party chair when there is only one person running. Coronation best describes what happen Sat. just like 4 years ago. My Congrats to Jim Burn for being appointed chair again.

  7. Pennsylvania democratic state committee. Your first commitment is to elect democrats. Not stick your head up your butt and fight over who the chair. Who the hell cares who the chair is. Bunch of Jim followers. Stop take your head out of your butt and think just for a second. Who fixes pa. Governor Wolf or some democratic chair???? Please get some oxygen to your brain and stop your sillyness. Get back to doing what you were elected to do. Elect democrats!!!

  8. Hum. This poll went from 75+% for McGinty to the reverse in less than 2 hours, and you had a record number of responses.
    While nobody expects your reader polls to be scientific, I’ve never seen one so thoroughly hijacked.

  9. Post “David Diano on June 24, 2014 at 12:09 pm” is a fake.

    I’m against VoterID but PollerID and PosterID for this site seem like good ideas.

  10. Quick note to spam posters: if you continue to violate the comment policy, specifically by impersonating other users, we will block you from commenting. It’s been a problem for the past few weeks. Cut it out.

    Comment policy is here.

  11. I couldn’t give a rats ass about these events. Stick to the other good stuff you usually post on your site!!

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