Reader Poll: Toomey Ahead of McGinty

pat-toomeyPat Toomey: 2 Katie McGinty: 1

Those are the final results of our three reader surveys of the PA Senate race.

In May, McGinty won 52% to 48%. Then last September, Toomey took the reader poll 53% to 47%.

This time, Toomey prevailed 52% to 48%.

1,959 readers went with the GOP incumbent Senator.

Meanwhile, 1,789 respondents chose the Democratic challenger.

The full results are included below:

If the Election Were Held Today, Would You Vote For Katie McGinty or Pat Toomey?

  • Pat Toomey (52%)
  • Katie McGinty (48%)

Total Voters: 3,748

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10 Responses

  1. Both toomey and trump are going to win Pennsylvania in a landslide. Trump is pulling 29% of African-Americans. I know stuff that you don’t.

  2. Both toomey and trump are going Pennsylvania you were all dream and it’s going to be a landslide. I know stuff that you don’t

  3. Toomey can’t win unless Hillary wins PA by less than 5%. So right now Toomey is not in a position to win. It’s basic PA math.

  4. This poll must have been had a lot of millionaires,billionaires,special interests,Wall Street Bankers and the Koch Brothers voting because Pat Toomey in 6 years of Congress and almost 6 years as a Senator has done 0 for regular working people. He can run all the commercials of lies about his record that he wants to. Fact check his voting record. It is exactly what it is. Anyone who is in the Middle Class and votes for Topmey is voting against their family’s well being . Pat Toomey besides everything above is an obstructionist in the Senate. Toomey crossing party lines is pure lies. Toomey is one of the top people in the Senate who has caused this gridlock in Government . Voting for Toomey is voting for more of this high payed dysfunctional government. Toomey has to go is a start towards dialogue returning to the Senate.

  5. If there’s one thing Donald Trump has taught us, it’s that non-scientific internet polls mean a lot.

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