Reader Poll: Warren Will Be PA-8 GOP Nominee

PA-8Our readers see an upset underway in the Republican primary for Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district.

State Representative Scott Petri is generally considered the favorite, but former Bucks County Commissioner Andrew Warren won our survey.

587 respondents think Warren will prevail.

On the other hand, 307 readers believe the eventual nominee will be Petri.

Finally, 117 chose someone else.

The full results are included below:

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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8 thoughts on “Reader Poll: Warren Will Be PA-8 GOP Nominee”

  1. rsklaroff says:

    Finally, it would seem that a third-entry has emerged without prompting any reaction on this highly-reactive website; this suggests his existence won’t greatly affect the dynamic between the two aforementioned candidates.

  2. rsklaroff says:

    Regarding Warren, I’m told he left the GOP due to the involvement of Bush’43 in Iraq; if accurate, this would reflect a lack of commitment to work through the party to alter one policy.

    Surely, were he committed to fundamental principles, he would not have felt tempted to flip to the Dems of [traitorous, “Dirty”] Harry Reid; what would an aggressive foreign policy have to do with fiscal conservatism, etc.?

    Finally, I’m told his major experience has been acquired solely on the county-level, which he has apparently mastered; the issues Scott encountered on the state-level would far more likely prep him to handle Congress.

  3. rsklaroff says:

    I’m in MontCo, but that didn’t stop Scott from meeting with me for an hour to discuss problems with the Iran-Nuke Capitulation; I concur, based upon this experience and another brief encounter, that “Scott Petri [appears to be] a person of integrity and professionalism.”

  4. Denny Smith says:

    Andy Warren is a man of faith and integrity who truly cares for Bucks County and its citizens. Check his record of the many years as our county Commissioner. He is willing to speak his mind to bring to the forefront what is best for his constituents.

  5. vince phillips says:

    I don’t know Warren but I do know Scott Petri as a person of integrity and professionalism.

  6. @bucks voter says:

    I’m a Bucks voter as well. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention to him grasping at any election to help him feel relevant over the last few decades? Does his record of running strike you as a real genuine person? He’s is lacking in any experience or ability, despite having had opportunities to develop them. Petri, like most people, isn’t perfect. But, at least he has a history of being available and communicating with constituents. And. He will be held accountable forhis votes. Warren, like every race he gets into, will just be wasting everyone’s time, money, and votes.

  7. BucksVoter says:

    Petri is a packaged politician, while Warren comes across as a real, regular person. He speaks his mind and doesn’t pay attention to polls and political correctness.

  8. John O'Donnell says:

    Warren is a Democrat. He decried in 2005 that the Republican party had moved “too far right”. Well he got his wish and now the Party needs to move even further right than it ever has to stop the erosion of the District, the County and the Commonwealth.

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